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Cause you’re the only one i need…you were always there for me

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thanks so much for always lending me a listening ear fo about 7 years already:) you do mean a lot to me and yeah, you now mean the world to me. thanks for being such a good friend. it’s only before you think,  that can i pour everything out and let my emotions run. feel so much better after crying it out. shall continue talking to you after mommy really sleeps:) i really love these sessions. the feeling is so warm and nice. hmmm if i were sleeping over at your house now, we werent be like this cause of the presence of the gang. hahah. yupp love you lots 🙂

sorry to the many whom i hurt today. real sorry. it’s always the closer one whom i hurt cause i know i dont have to suppress my emotions. and this is definitely not taking you for granted. it’s just what everyone does which is a real pity cause we always hurt the closest people although they mean the most to you. like if in front of a person who you aint close to, you wont dare to hurt her or something? or maybe it’s just me cause i am weird



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And so. fairly emo today i guess. many things just weigh me down or something. cant really explain it. but anyway, cant go for sleepover cause i am being socially resposible. and thus i wear a mask at home:) so that i will not kena and infect ppl tmr.

Hmmm. assembly today made me think hard. think real hard. why did i come to RGS. and the answer was plain simple, FORCED by mum. do i regret the decision? yeahh i guess but then maybe not. as in life’s been great. and i have met great people. but i guess, not many i can count on. not many that knows me. gosh i suck. why is it that once i go into another sch, i stop keeping in touch with the rest and in fact resist it. dumb decision. i should’ve stayed in st nicks. i miss the family dance, the prayers, my friends. totally different environment. but i guess squash has made it all up:) and definitely people around me. But again, NO. shucks i am frigging confused and somehow feel so unsettled.

maybe today ain’t a good day afterall. but catching up with lovely people was definitely great! i wanna turn the clock around and sit around that square table, playing bridge and taidee whole day long. then once in a while go to your house and everyone playing hide and seek. the laughter and joy is never the same now:(


Our god is an AWESOME god

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OH DEARR!!! i reached home today and my bro was home already cause my mummy went to fetch him cause he has a fever and highly suspected h1n1. so exciting!!! my 6 year old cousin also kena! why everyone gets it except me:( hmmm. and anyway, some people in class are quite erm … people around me will know lah. and like that day 她请我吃破其 however it is called in chinese. and it was written if a miracle happens and *** knows my blog. 我跟她说我不要可是她说我没有买一定要吃她带的. it’s quite freaky. like suddenly bring that thing to school when she normally doesnt eat. erm dont get people to translate it for you. thanks:) if i wanted you to know, you already know what i am talking about:)

anyway first time i am glad PQQ was in the same bus today i guess? hahha. and my good luck overwhelmed her bad luck. haha. but yeahh. school today was quite slack. spent more time reading archie comics than listening to what the teacher was rambling on. but focused real well when PRIVATE MERS were being taught!!!! hhaha. and first time, fell asleep in bio although the food was super goood looking!!! haha.

hmmm. must rest now if not no energy for sleepover!!! hhaha. better start training now. and i need to go to school tmr morning:( heh although going back to school during the weekend SUCK, but heh i will enjoy tmr cause it’s always dam fun around these people:) yay. and cant wait to play squash tmr!!! it’s been forever since i touched my racquets:(


oh yeahhh

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Hmmm and so i slept at 330am yesterday or should i say today. and woke up at 6 instead of 545 cause daddy wanted to let me sleep more longer. and i am so serious that sleeping too little gives you weird weird dreams!!! within that short sleep, i dreamt of stall 9 uncle!!! he was like more rice? MOREMOREMORE!!! OMG scary i tell you! haha. then somehow the setting change and afiqah, anu and myself were wearing sunhats and sun shades with lab coats. haha. and we were spying on PQQ. haha. how cool is that. my dreams were like what happened in the day.!!! and spying was absolute fun!! haha.

yupp. and today was a sleepy day so i thought i should bring archie comics to keep me awake. and PQQ took it to read. haha. shall bring 2 tmr just in case:)

and so today was spent LOITERING AROUND YCK WHICH WASNT REALLY YCK. hhaha. as in what i felt. but it was quite fun with the company of vithya!!! haha. and we waited at the place for about 2 hours for our posters cause there were some misunderstandings. haha. but yeahh. i think quite productive cause i finished the physics CRAP!!! haha. and yeahh. haha. yay quite fun.

and today, class towards the end was quite fun!!! like mrs mo was being slightly cranky:) in a good way cause she was suupeeeeer funnaye!!! haha:) then mr lui was even better cause he was soooo nervous due to the video taping!! and VOICE BROKE!!! haha. sooo cuuttteeee. and the class was erm, VERY ENTHU!!! as in literally!!! haha. dam funny cause he will be like oh oh i only need 2 volunteers but thanks!:) hahah. but towards the end it got erm SCARY!!! haha only a few will know what i am talking about i guess. hmmmm. maybe should cancel the FLIGHT!!! hahha. go BALI instead!! HAHHA.

and yay. fam is settled ?! haha. no zoo i guess. haha. k got to complete my geog fa and do the geog write up!!! hahha bye!!!:)

by the way, when i go to people’s blog. i feel so inferior about my titles. hahah.

oh yeahh

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Oh yeahh!!! i own!! i did geog pt in like what? less than 3 hours ?! and i completed it!!! time for a quick snippet of the anthem!! ooooohhhh yeahhhh!!! yippie yippie yeahhh! haha.

today was quite long:) haha. but dam funn! lunch was gooood! haha. and exercising after lunch was better!!! like playing secret agents in pinafores running around getting adrenaline rush!! haha. shall leave the other parts for anu to share. but oh yeahhh. great fun with the wacky chairs:)

yay. but no time to talk!!! got other homework waiting for me:) bye!!!! hahah. MALIKU bless!!!


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JOHN 3:16


what’s your prob

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Seriously today was quite fun after not returning to school for so long. but what the. you guys just had to make the day end in this manner. what on earth did our class chair do to deserve such nonsense. she simply wanted everyone to have fun and cracked her head over this matter so as to obtain a solution that would be beneficial to majority. dont appreciate?! fineee. no need to THANK her with this rubbish. use your head lah, there is absolutely no way that everyone gets what she wants. but as fair as i see it, it is a perfect solution. fineee you ppl may be like what the, of course you say that cause you have gotten what you want. but hey, look at it with a rational mindset. aren’t the people who always hang out together sitting on the same table?! maybe you want someone but that someone wants someone else and is wanted by many others. so of course, it is catered for the majority you poop. not trying to step on anyone’s toes but HEY LOOK! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND IT AIN’T THE FIRST TIME. and i aint writing it bluntly cause i know you’ll never come across this. i dont care if you read this but yeahh. irritating people will never realise that they are irritating. and if you have so much to say, why was NOTHING brought up just now when we were discussing. being irresponsible is NO WAY to end this problem. cheryl’s right. we should just go to the zoo since fam is causing such great unhappiness. please lah. stop being such babies. 16. that’s your age!!! grow up will ya. gosh. GOD BLESS!!! you need it.

didnt mean to offend anyone but that is prolly the only way i can let out what i wanna say without going straight to people and …

by the way. juniors… hurry recover:)