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friends make my day, brothers too!:)

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HOHOHO!!! today was an OK day. cause it was EXHAUSTING!!! gagag. like we had netball prac first which was erm tiring!!! like i think after one pass i just die!!! hahah. and i think PQQ can shoot awesomely well, IF THERE IS NO SUN AND NO WIN PLUS THE POLE HEIGHT CANNOT BE TOO TALL!!! haha. look at those conditions man. ahha. and then she gave me something quite cheem to say for socratic seminar BUT THEN, today dont have. eeeeeeee.:)

then there was philo option. OMG sooo intense and i tell you sure will have riots some day. better bring my helmet! and and mr ng totally cheated my feelings. he said he will group us up according to our classes and then he split all of us up. like OI!!! you are an english teacher and yet you cant follow what you say?! WAHHH:( i wanna cry. haha. but luckily he is nice during option and this philo class is definitely mroe interesting than lorenzo/larry’s one. haha.:) and got ckoh, rach tan and vith.

then it was lunch and bro suddenly came up to me. eh you need help?! haha. wahhh i heart attack faint and die. haha. yknow maybe i dont express it not because i dont want to but because i dont know how and also maybe there aint a need? aiyo i am weird so very rarely, people can understand me. haha

and then we watched devil wears prada!! haha. very funny and it reminded me of time traveller’s wife cause they were so AGGRESSIVE!! hhaa. and PQQ was acting innocent. haha. but our eyes were closing adn my waterbag was bursting!!!

anyway, i love my friends!!! honestly!!!! i know you people care i am appreciate it. sorry cant like thank you face to face cause you know i suck at expressing myself one. hahah. love you guys loads!!!!

I AM QUITTING FARMVILLE THANKS TO THE POSITIVE INFLUENCE OF PQQ!! and she was ultimate pri sch kid during geog today when mrs mo gave out the lesson whatever. haha. SERIOUSLY… haha.

sorry no motivation to blog. blehs!!:)


we gotta tell ‘em that we love ‘em while we got the chance to say

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Heh today was quite farm. spent the whole bio lesson burping out my subway sandwich!:) a foot long dooods!:) and rightto! bro came to school today!!! with 2 big packets of pong pia for me!! love you bro!!!:)

and finally went to ION today and waahhhh the best place there is not LV nor PRADA, it is the TOILEt!!! hahaha!!!:) we went in all like SAWGUs!! WOW the toilet sooo nice… wahh so many mirrors can take pictures… wahhh the mirror at the bottom got individual hand dryers!!! haha. and i think the toilet planner very very considerate!! cause you know the cubicles they have the front back sides all to the ceiling and to the floor. aiyo you prolly dont get what i mean. but like no gap!!! so if anyone POOT POOT, cannot hear the sound!! haha. coolios! ok fineee i can see some people ZZZZZzzz-ing at me… like what that person always do:(

and and i talked to afiqah today:) yay. got things slightly sorted out but came to a conclusion that i wanna be a robot!:) gahhh. eeeeee. ok i seriously dont care anymore!!! i will stop being sentimental and i shall stop placing friendships sooo high! YEAHHH

btw, i am proud of PQQ of quitting farmville and i think soon i will do it too!! haha. good influence manz!:P


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oday was an awefully boring day!!!:( gahh. philo COI killed me and geog socratic seminar sucks my spirit away!!! OMG!!:( eeeyer why didnt i pon school today when my mummy allowed me!!!:(

anyway i leveled up so i am now alevel15farmer on farmville:) haha. and i was just wondering, if i dont milk my cows, does the milk turn sour and stark leaking out of the cow’s private parts? haha. and my apples and lemons, if i dont harvest them, do they wither and drop to the ground then decompose? anyone can answer that? i really wanna know the outcome!!:D

oh rightt, during the socratic seminar today when talking about the time laspse(howtospell?) of 20-30 years, i wanted to say maybe men, being the SUPERIOR gender couldnt accept the fact that women were as capable as them as thus lived in denial for 20-30 years and allowing the information to process in their head.then after that period of time, realised that women can also take on …. and i thought my idea was soooo brilliant until people started voicing out intellectual opinioons and i just died!!! but i felt the strong urge to say what came to my mind. heh luckily i kept it in if not OMG!!! so shallow!! wahh i wanna faint already lah!!!

nothing much to blog sbout:( byebye!!!!

i lost a friend somewhere along in the bitterness…

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YAY!!! today was a great day but very very tiring:D haha. was trying to be healthy during free time!! haha. so we played badminton in the kschee! heh quite fun and ckoh is gooood:) but i can forsee her coming to school tmr, turning around during assembly, patting my shoulder and going,”ehh my arm very sore, leg very sore, backside very sore, everything very sore!!” hahaha. but we totally died after lunch:o. and bro is going to KL:( heh will miss her!!! have a great trip bro!

and and cheerleading today was gooood!!:) well done to meiying, afiqah, chloe, rasyidah, crystal, eenette!:) and erm jenny? ahaha. but yeahhh pro pro pro!! woohooo!

by the way, should i pon school tmr?! there is socratic discussion leh!!! gahh. and i havent read the notes and the first page is sooo boring. ahha. oh rightt, yesterday was fun!! like bio option is dam good!!! cant wait to go and see SNAKES!!! haha. nightwalk!!:P heh dont feel any thingy to blog about yesterday and today. ahha:P

TALKING TO MY MEI IS THE BEST THING ON EARTH!!! i am sooo glad that i have met her in my life!!! seriously!!! and like she can understand what i want to say without me saying it:D and i can talk to her about anything under the sun!! and rightt, after telling her stuff yesterday/ttoday 2am, i realised that when i told her i didnt regret what i chose, i was wrong. awefully wrong! i regret it now… very badly… if this is a lesson for me to learn, it is an expensive one. unknowingly, i lost a friend, a good friend and there is prolly no way in which we can go back to the past. gahh. told PQQ quite some time ago that i felt better this way, told mei i didnt regret, i want to take all those back.

i am sorry…

and although talking to mei at 3am in the morning is rather taxing for options mean long days, i really appreciate it and enjoy these sessions:)

and if JC is somewhat like options, i hope JC never comes:( i am not able to sit in a same subject for more than 30mins, what more 3hrs now for options:( lucky i have people whom i can call friends(i hope)

every second counts on a clock that’s tickin’

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and so, the whole world does not wanna move on to RJ. and well, i am part of the world!:P haha. that is if i manage to not get retained!! haha. anyway, what’s gonna come is gonna come no matter how we try to avoid it. and since it has to come, face it with an open mind and a positive attitude and life will be much better! trust me!! it ain’t going to be easy but as long as you try, i am sure you will succeed:)

and what we can do now is to be grateful for what we have. often, we just take what we have before our very eyes for granted and we only wait till we lose it before we know how precious it is (from gotta live like we’re dying: We never know a good thing till it’s gone). but then it may be too late. heh, i am thinking about gotta live like we’re dying:

We only got
86 400 seconds in a day to
turn it all around or throw it all away
we gotta tell ‘em that we love ‘em
while we got the chance to say
gotta live like we’re dying

yeahh, sounds mushy but come to think abourrit, the year is coming to an end and so is our journey in RG. yes,you prolly love your friends so why be shy? TELL THEM YOU LOVE THEM!!!:D it’s not as though they can tell that you love them through your actions because everyone expresses themselves differently.

oh yeahh, people may say friends forever is impossible. but nahh!! i definitely think that it is sooo possible!!:D seriously. i love the people i am with in school and i am thankful that God has sent these angels by my side:) yeahh as BRO mentioned, listening to them talk and laughing and then laughing along with them is an enjoyable experience and it is these little things that may seem insignificant that brighten up my day!:D ANGEL 1: PQQ!, ANGEL 2: ANU, ANGEL3: RACH TAN, ANGEL 4: BRO! (SELENA), ANGEL 5: CHERYL KOH, ANGEL 6: BOSS! TIFFANY, ANGEL 7: AFIQAH, ANGEL 8: CHARMAIN, ANGEL 9: MEIYING, ANGEL 10: VITHYA  AND MY SECRET ANGEL: ZEN!:) AHAH. IN NO ORDER OF MERIT!!! 😀

thanks Lord for sending me these 11 angels!:) whatever it is, i will treasure my time with them because me may be in diff class next year which will most prolly be the case but yeahh, i’ll never forget my time spent in 302, 402. heh though like we always say sec 1 and 2 were the best years, come to think of it… that aint really the case!:) 302/402 really brought much joy and laughter to my life and i think it is these 2 years where i matured MORE. as in with reference to other years, not saying that i am mature cause like a can forsee people suanning me.:P but yeahh, friendships forged are most stable i guess? and definitely reliable, i HOPE!! tell me if not ah:) ahah

and soo options are here. i really miss EYAs! those short days with no assignments and homework:) ahha. but yeahh nonetheless yay! since i have to do options, might as well enjoy what i have:) geog today was quite ok lah:) mrs mo was funny and i have PQQ in my group!:D though she doodles on my paper and like her doodles are even more humongous than rach tan’s one!! and bro and i were sooo worried about our crops cause we thought they were withering but yay!!! they are perfectly fine!!:)

oh and did i mention?! i love ABOOBS a lot a lot a lot!!!! HONEST!!!:)

tmr’s timetable doesnt look fun esp core subs. haha. but oh wells, i’ll pull through it with angels alongside:)

heh long post!!! MATURE ONE!!! and i love love aku!!! (ok sorry this is public but i love that name like yknow, aku ****** **********:D)

gotta live like we’re dying!!<3333

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WAGAGAGA!! i am going to chop my fingers off and stop gambling!!! on FB!! sucks!! that thingy makes me depressed!! POOP. and omg, farming is soooo hard!!! sudden realisation that my whole farm will wither by the time i get back tmr!!! oh my tian, my time, effort and money!!! gahhh!!! but then, i am not alone!!! hahaha. OMG PQQ is the lousiest farmer on earth!!! haha. she does not know that it is stated there the “gestation period” of the plant! FAINTS!! haha. so she just happily lets her strawberry wither!!! haha:)

and wlao i slept sooo late last night and woke up before 10 this morning. gahhh, i aint normal!!! normally i will sleep in until 2 plus. eeeee!!! and so went to afiqah’s house for erm i dont know what it is called, erm hari raya visiting? ahaha. alll the way to tampines!!! wahhhh sooo farr!!! heh.:P but worth it considering the amount i laughed!!! haha. heh we played taboo and wahhh dam funny with anu, PQQ, rach tan, ckoh, afiqah, boss, selena !! haha. and i never knew that people cooked seahorse curry and crabs swam in seas!!! haha:) dam funny lah!! and the food was goood!! felt like a glutton cause the rest eat sooo little!!! eeee.

and yay came home and logged on and aboobs infected me with the kris allen DISEASE!!! haha. but he is kickass awesome!!! woohoooo!!! sooo cute i tell you!!! haha. the 3 of us went to some dont know what and listened to a radio channel of the US. haha. cause kris allen was on and they played a song from his upcoming album!! 😀 strictly speaking, it aint his but he sang is awesomely!!! woohooo!:) gotta live like we’re dying is what it is called!:) i am sooo going to get the album when it is released!!! haha. and that song title alone is soooo true!!! haha. that is how i live my life, LIVE AS THOUGH THERE IS NO TMR!!! so you wont hesitate to do what you want and should anything happen, CHOI CHOY!!! there’ll be no regrets!!! oooohhh yeahh!:)

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyer!!! tmr got school!!! i am sad!!:( poop. and options are starting and school days will be soo sooo long!!! eeeeee!!!:(:(:(. and soo sooon JC!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee. pooop.

hai, what to do. ok bye gotta help my bro with his artwork AGAIN!! and rightt, draw the JAR! 😀

pray for my crops people!!:)

keep bleeding…

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heyhey!!! and so, farming is good for health. honestly!!! and my whole farm is growing rice now so i can practically drown in the pade field.!! haha:) and i am depressed!!! honestly. i lost 60k today. hard earned money!!! and anu practically killed me. bleed…bleed…bleeding…DEAD. teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….(heartrate machine)

hmmm but prior to my death, yesterday was a happy day!!! cause i went to scc. but then again, i got hit by the ball more than i hit the ball. how sad. that’s it! squash ain’t my game. change sport:( and coach really missed us:) haah. actually i dont really miss the training cause my whole back is like stiff and aching real badly. i just love the ppl there and the cityhall ban mian!!! awesome!! i can eat that weekly and not get sick:) about 10 months now:) hhahha.

then we went to aston for dinner. however you spell it. but then again, i dont eat beef cause when i see the piece of meat, i can literally see the fur sticking out of that slab. the same goes with pork. and for beef, i can hear mooo!! really, and farmville made it worse with the cowing moo-ing into my ear. ahha:) so i ate fishy!!! luckily i dont have the same prob with fish and chicken. but i dont really like fish. maybe soon i will go vege. but on second thought, (secret but some already know why being vege no good.HAHAHHA)

and my bro’s wagyu beef k, omg, i just saw the whole cow on his plate!! haha. but the beef is ex. haha. then after that, everyone moved from dinner place to my house to play poker. haha. fun times yet again!! not depressing like fb poker! and i dont know what we were talking about when the topic suddenly became houses and talking about freehold. then my 6 year old cousin asked,” what is freehold?” then i got reminded of a time in sec 1, at ant’s squash court, when i asked her,” ant, is your condo freehold?”

ant: yyeahh, everything free, the squash courts, tennis courts, swimming pool and bbq pits.

HAHHAHAHA GOMMM (only anu will get this) funny ttm!!! hahaha.

anyway ris low’s interview is erm, kickass funnaye!!! haha. and i need to go mend my broken heart and take care of my funeral. byebye!!!