gotta live like we’re dying!!<3333

WAGAGAGA!! i am going to chop my fingers off and stop gambling!!! on FB!! sucks!! that thingy makes me depressed!! POOP. and omg, farming is soooo hard!!! sudden realisation that my whole farm will wither by the time i get back tmr!!! oh my tian, my time, effort and money!!! gahhh!!! but then, i am not alone!!! hahaha. OMG PQQ is the lousiest farmer on earth!!! haha. she does not know that it is stated there the “gestation period” of the plant! FAINTS!! haha. so she just happily lets her strawberry wither!!! haha:)

and wlao i slept sooo late last night and woke up before 10 this morning. gahhh, i aint normal!!! normally i will sleep in until 2 plus. eeeee!!! and so went to afiqah’s house for erm i dont know what it is called, erm hari raya visiting? ahaha. alll the way to tampines!!! wahhhh sooo farr!!! heh.:P but worth it considering the amount i laughed!!! haha. heh we played taboo and wahhh dam funny with anu, PQQ, rach tan, ckoh, afiqah, boss, selena !! haha. and i never knew that people cooked seahorse curry and crabs swam in seas!!! haha:) dam funny lah!! and the food was goood!! felt like a glutton cause the rest eat sooo little!!! eeee.

and yay came home and logged on and aboobs infected me with the kris allen DISEASE!!! haha. but he is kickass awesome!!! woohoooo!!! sooo cute i tell you!!! haha. the 3 of us went to some dont know what and listened to a radio channel of the US. haha. cause kris allen was on and they played a song from his upcoming album!! 😀 strictly speaking, it aint his but he sang is awesomely!!! woohooo!:) gotta live like we’re dying is what it is called!:) i am sooo going to get the album when it is released!!! haha. and that song title alone is soooo true!!! haha. that is how i live my life, LIVE AS THOUGH THERE IS NO TMR!!! so you wont hesitate to do what you want and should anything happen, CHOI CHOY!!! there’ll be no regrets!!! oooohhh yeahh!:)

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyer!!! tmr got school!!! i am sad!!:( poop. and options are starting and school days will be soo sooo long!!! eeeeee!!!:(:(:(. and soo sooon JC!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee. pooop.

hai, what to do. ok bye gotta help my bro with his artwork AGAIN!! and rightt, draw the JAR! 😀

pray for my crops people!!:)


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