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ballooooon…. POP! BURST!

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hmmm, let’s see, it’s 6.19am in the morning for spore, and no one is up except… haha. nocturnal animal!!! but yay!!!! love ya!!:)

shucks, just read cheechee’s blog and i pray to you maliku, dont let the olevels result be released soooo early, i still need time to meditate HAPPILY. thanks. ohright, cheechee!! hope your whatever heals fast!!! erm, try drinking boiling water? then the thread sure disslove!!!:)

oh well, wont come online for the next 4 days before i teleport to singapore. man, hope my mummy doesnt shop too much in paris. maliku bless my legs and my bro’s legs. and i think i got rheumatism.. oh yeahh, spelling looks correct!!! and wow, my bro just said he lost 80 USD in poker. erm well done boy?

bleh, i am ballooning at a supersonic rate. how to make a fat blop run 5 km every sat? heh, no way so i shall pon trainings?  but i missed sooo many already and i just got informed that no batchmate that was invited, went for training. hahah. my responsibility? nahhh!!!:D




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haiz, should totally have gone to KL. what was i thinking man. the pics are frigging fun and there is no point in coming here when i am constantly looking at my watch which is still singapore’s time, wondering what rgsquash is doing. sigh.

and the long car rides from place to place has got me thinking and thinking. thinking is just bad for health:( something that an apple a day can’t keep away.

i hate it when i am so spent about half of my hols out of singapore. i cant wait to go back and i think daddy will try to push to 3rd of dec instead of 4th. i’ll pray!! it’s not that here ain’t fun at all. i mean wow seeing the wonders of the world is an awesome feeling but nothing beats being at home. heh. papa starts whining about how my brother and i are too homely. and his whining is seriously funny cause he imitates my bro.

OMG one month of holiday just passes like that. no good. i should spent my 2.5 months at home, MEDITATING. and why? because JC is a HELLHOLE!! quote my angel. then i wonder why she spends sooo much of her time camping in the fields of RI. hahah. JC go and die!!! i am just waiting for the 8 months break after JC, and i hope to get out of that hellhole is 2 years. but sure more one. sigh.

omg, aging sucks. it does not just happen on that one day of the year. it’s a gradual process. it sucks when i realise how soo many things is out of my control. i mean, there are some things that we can do to gain more control of. never is it full control.

now, i need to find how i can control my thoughts better. so that my mind (whatever it is left in it, it’s been too draining) wont wander off and start missing people cause it sucks.

having vs losing

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HOHOHO!! 🙂 roaming the streets of europe now!!! hahah. in venice now and it is not as nice as the one we saw in the merchant of venice video. hahah. wanted to go running with my bro but he is just too fast and the temperature is low. thought it would be cooling but wlao got until 2 degrees lah!!! sucks. and the car rides have been real long which sets me sleeping or thinking. and i was seriously wondering why this time, i did not refuse my dad for the kl training trip:( which i confirm would enjoy more but also enjoying this one lah. just missing rgsquash and my mei!!! hahahaha

the thought of once having it, comes the fear of losing.

so stop thinking of having it and the fear of losing will fade away…

does it really work this way? if it does, good. life wont be this torturous!!!:(


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BOOMZ!!! omg!!! hahah fam was soooo BOOMZ!!!:D yay!!! so glad i went for it:) and so yesterday went on like any other day… then went down to meet mummy at 1330:) hahah. ate lunch and then went to the place at 230:) hahah. then they asked me to show them my dress and asked what i wanted i said anything. everything they asked i also so i dont know. so they REALLY LEFT IT TO THEMSELVES!!! hahah. then i saw my hair!! wlao boomz like shit!!! but it was already half down when i reached hilton!! thank goodness!!! hahah. and make-uping was horrible and torturous!!! wlao. the last time i put on make up was in K2!!! for some stupid grad performance that made me looked like some monkey’s backside:( hahah. and this time they never ask for my permission!!! they said close your eyes!! and so i did. then they poke my eyebrown!!! wlao!!! they trimmed it without my consent!!! go dieeee!!! yknow i take 16 years to accumulate whateve little hair my eyebrown had and you trimmed soooo much:( balded already ok!!! gahhh!!! and so they continued till i looked like a monkey backside. and the eyelash thingum soo itchy!! and after i opened my eyes, i didnt even recognise the person in the mirror. OH WAIT!! just rubbed my eyes and my eyebrown is sooo rough!! shucks i shall put conditioner on it. but will the whole thing drop out?!:( and when i reached home, i tried taking off the eyelash… wlao so ticklish!!! and then i managed to pull it off. and mummy was like ehhh why so long? then i told her, this one dont want to come out. and she was like i thought you took out already? and i replied, mummy i think they put 2 cause mine very short. and she burst out laughing!!! haha. i was trying to pull out my own eyelashes. hahaha. couldnt recognise that they were mine cause they curled it. aahhaha.

then yesterday afternoon, selena was like ehh we reaching hilton already, where are you? and i was sooo scared OMG!! i was on my way home to change cause the make up ended at 5 so still got time mah. ahah. then at home i was running around and mummy was asking me to calm down. then i had to take a photo for my hairstylist soo mummy helped me. and then she took the camera and looked at the spot she was supposed to press, like the button. then she frantically asked eh eh!! why not button? where did it go?! hahaha. omg. looks like she’s the nervous one for i dont know what reason. ahah. she help the cam upside down!!! then we reached hilton and at the main entrance, she was trying to chase me off the car but i didnt dare. ahha so she was like, ok i send you home? then i said yah yah!!! and she said go die lah so much money you want to go home. hahahahaha. so she parked the car and sent me up. and luckily i met ckoh and nu soo mummy could go watch her movie with daddy:) ahah. and please, ckoh didnt know i was me!!! what the. hahah!!:D

shucks, getting too naggy, shall skip the details!!! meiying’s performance was awesome ttm!!! and she totally deserves the photogenic award!!! hhaha. and everyone looked sooo goood!!!:) ahahah. but some people not very glam in their actions, ok lah me also but at least not lah cheechee right!!! keep on yknow… ahhahaha. and when we went to the toilet the first time, ckoh was really funny!!! hahahahahahahah. and tian!!! you looked pretty tooo!! i mean, at least dont look like a fish!!:) ahahhahahah. and finally took a pic with grace keoy!!! my lao peng you!!! 10 years of friendship and still going strong!!! oh yeahh!:) ahhaha. and deee was sooo pretty tooo!! and cheechee, rach, anu… ok the whole world lah!! shall stop naming:)

shucks foreign scholars leaving today:( going to miss them!! aiyo, if my flight was slightly earlier can send them off!! hahaha. byeeeeeeeeeee!! see ya next year!!:)

ok lah byeeeeeeee, my luggage is currently empty!!! dieeeeeeee mummy’s going to nag when she sees it cause i told her finish already!! and my maid has gone home for a week!!! OMG!!! kill me, i dont want to do housework:(

on a sidenote, hahahha boss your letter is funny ttm!! esp first para!! love you boss!!! and leemeiying!!! AWWW SOOOOO SWEEET!!!:)


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Back from sec 4 farewell chalet. Omg i am crying like someone died lah. what the shit. kwek you better stop it now. tmr’s fam and what the… going to be sooo ugly with the eyebags(2 days, total of 4 hours of sleep:() and post activated tear glands. sec 4 farewell assembly did not give me a pre-empt that leaving the school would be this painful. and i am serious, it hurts soo badly. i sincerely wanna thank RGSquash for making days in rgs bearable since trainings has been something i look forward to:) Thank you juniors for making farewell chalet so successful and enjoyable! it has been a pleasure to have met you guys and get you as juniors. Special thanks goes out to mei, lee and chong!! and sulin? hahah. for putting in sooo much time and effort to organise this!!:D love you guys a lot!!!! hmmm, although this year’s farewell was a little erm, DIFFERENT from before with the drama yesterday, it was nonetheless a memorable one. something i’ll never forget.

to my sec 1s, it has been not long since you joined this family. although the time spent with you was little, i have seen how some of you have grown. you guys have been awesome and must keep the passion burning k!!!

sec2s, hmmm i ain’t really close to all of you but i guess the chalet has gave us more time of interaction which was the more than what i could’ve asked for a guess:) your batch is a really lovely one and really enthu about squash!!! keep it up!:D aiyo how to say ah, really love you guys lah!!!

sec3s, wahhh 3 years just zoomed by like that!! dont want to leave rgsquash… but i can rest assured that rgsquash is in AWESOME HANDS TTM!!! lead the cca to championship k!!!!:) and you guys must never allow the rgsquash family to shatter!! your batch has brought much laughter and energy to rgsquash!!! really appreciate all the effort that has been put into whatever you guys have organised!! hope to see your batch in RJsquash next year?:P

hohohoho! batchmates!!!! wow!!! four years with you guys have been just BOOMZ BOOMZ AND BOOMZ!!!:D i can proudly say that from 10 strangers, we have become quite a bonded batch:) four years is not long, neither is it short. but the time spent with you guys has filled me with enough memories to last me through a lifetime:) yupp, though not everyone will continue to take squash as a CCA, rmb our birthday pact!!!:) love you guys lots!!!!

yknow, listening to cai hong by jaychou is like sooo apt. as in the lyrics!!! OMG!!! but it makes me cry. it’s like the fav and apt song of the century!!! eh mei, i never copE you!!! hahha:D heh shall type here again the 4 lines i smsed you:)



yupp, i guess for the past year or so we have really bonded quite a bit:) yay, god has blessed me with the awesomest mei in the universe!!! but the thing is i have become quite dependent on you and this makes saying byebye really difficult and painful. as in saying goodbye is never easy just that this time, it’s much harder than before:( you’ve brought so much joy into my life and have me good advice admist our nonsensical chats:) thanks for always being there when i needed someone to talk to!!:) it’s like there has been nothing that i cannot tell you and this kind of relationship doesn’t come knocking twice. as in it’s even more of a miracle because like how often are you close to a junior that is 2 years younger? it’s normally like sec 3s and 4s kind of thing:) and how often do you become sooo close to someone when it started of with people saying that we look alike blah blah blah.:) sooo yeahh, you have no idea how much this means to me and how precious it is!:D LOVE YOU TTM MEI!!!:)

so sad i ain’t going for training camp:(

ok fam tmr!!! i;ll go back to practising walking in high heels:)

The road that never ends around the bend I see your smile

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Yay!!! finally submitted my subject combi after taking a frigging long time to get the photo done correctly. thanks daddy!!! and hahah. went to look for shoes today for fam and my daddy asked,” eh you wanna leave a deep impression or not… want right?! wear my army boots and people will remember you for life!” hahaha. he think he very funny huh. hahah. and so walk walk walk. and singapore has limited places to shop. how sad. was smsing janine and she straightaway knew where i was with one guess. ahahha.

met dorcas and cherie but ran far far upon noticing their presence!!! hahaha. then walk walk walk met julie but we pretended lah the other did not exist:) ahha. then met anthea tai. or more like didnt see her but she had to make me know that she was there by shouting MICHELLE KWEK really loudly!!! hahah:D wahhh singapore is soooo small!!! then i anyhow boought the heels. hahah. not that high but five mins my leg start cramping and 7 mins i start sitting. haha. FAIL!!! so hard to be a woman!!! shucks people like cheechee will be sooo much taller:( hahaha. and rach tan sooo tall already still 3 inch. wahpiang eh!!! if i wear 4 inch because i want to look tall, i’ll end up looking short the whole night with my butt glued to the chair. and poop lah. the whole thing is sooo screwed. dont want to go around in whatever i am wearing. haah. super simple and slightly mismatched but who cares. sai!!!

and facebook does not want to cooperate with me:( sad. dont let me upload the photos ah!!! i come kill you i tell you!!! eeeeyer feeels sooo weird!!! it’s a sunday night yet there’s no school tmr. and i am going to dieee!!! so much packing to do and i havent started and mummy said there’s definitely not going to be enough space for clothes. sigh. she help my bro pack dont want to help me:( hahahaha.



mei and quakquak!!!

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HHAHA my taste and my mei’s taste is far tooo similar!! OMG!!!:D haha. but i kinda like it. afterall it’s that that brought us closer and maybe made us talk to each other!:D hahah. yay i love her!!!!

i am not going to cry this week at all. yes. i’ve said it and and i will do it!! oh yeahhh. it shall be a happy and light-hearted week. the most probable day i will cry this week is maybe tues night. maliku please hold my tears back for me. i mean afterall, it’s unusual for the seniors leaving to cry. hahahah.:) we shall not break the tradition manz!!! shucks sooo many people cannot make it but we shall have fun with people we have present:) hahaha.

andand i mentioned before right, i mean just in the last post that i love quakquak!!! hahah. i mean, it’s been quite a long time training together and whatnot:) serious, didnt like her AT ALL when she first joined. but boy am i lucky to have her as a junior!!! hahah:D OMG i will see her sooo much less:( maybe once a week or even less:( nooo gooood. used to see her at least 4 times a week. ahhahaha:)

ok as of now, i’ll stop thinking about leaving rg and moving to rj. i mean theres about 2-3 more months right. haha. my hands are all red now. hahah. coolios!!!