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imma in lalaland

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Skiing is tiring. I am dead beat. resting before we go for dinner:)

wahaha, i think this is the first time after sooo many times that i find skiing fun. hahah. why? cause there is the other family!!:) hahaha. but now she’s pestering me to join back the church thingy. hhaha. but still yay!!! it’s about -20 to -10 here yknow. and i have frozen. mummy says she wants to go to hairbin, or however you spell that in jan. omg. it’s -30.i’ll just tell her i neeed to meditate for school:( but then, we were talking about jc during the chairlifts and what not and my j1 friend made it sound fun. hmmm, maybe it’s just hwachong:(

anyway, somethings cannot be fully understood through blogs so you should NEVER make any conclusions after reading a few blogs.

yupp, that was just all i wanted to say.

suddenly i cant wait for 2nd jan. wahhaha:) maybe i wont go afterall. shucks it’ll be dam weird?! but there’s tian so fear not!:)


smile and things will be fineee:)

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WAHAHA i think show luo’s dam cute. OMG. since 5566 has disbanded:( i like his shows!!! omg. HI MY SWEETHEART is dam interesting too!!! haha. my cousin introduced to me. but wlao it’s ony one episode per week since it’s dam new and only showing once a week in taiwan:( so i shall wait patiently every sun midnight:) hahah. now i’ve watched till the 8th episode and it’s sooo goood. can’t wait. shall watch ep9 in japan:)


anyway, i think i might watch you’re beautiful since many commented if i like that show i would like you’re beautiful too:) and maybe i’ll watch zuan jiao yu dao ai again since i didnt really watch it when it was aired cause i found it boring. i want to watch all his shows and get the soundtracks!!! dam funny:) and he has sooo many shows:D

and CHEECHEE’s back from lalaland:) welcome back to singapore!!!! hahah forgot to say that when i replied your sms. DONT start melting here:)

andand i saw ckoh at 313 today!!! hahah. she totally scared me cause i was helping my aunty carry her handbag then some RETARD suddenly stuck her hand in front of my face. hahhaha:)

i haven’t packed anything in my luggage yet:( and i will do it after 5 tmr i guess hahha. going for training tmr:) i realised it helps me take up space in my mind, temporary. cause i must focus dam hard to hit the ball. lose a bit of focus, the ball hits me.

and BRO!!! may your toe recover soon!!! dont so violent lah, anyhow ramp people. WAHAHA!!:)

I may be schizophrenic but at least i have each other!

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Haha, i took frigging long to understand the above statement but after i understood, wlao, dam funny and meaningful i guess:) hahah. and i realised i havent been on farmville for quite some time and when i saw my farm, wlao 100 plots of withered poop. sad:( haha. now i think i am really going to stop farming unless boredom threatens to kill me.

and oh, was packing my table yesterday night because mummy kindly offered to help me and i can only get my new wallet and my pocket money from my dad if mummy approved my table. haha. dad owed me like 300 cause i didnt pack:( since i was on the verge of bankruptcy, i agreed to start. and in actual fact, all i had to do was to sit on the bed then mummy will hold up chunks of paper and ask if i still want. so i sat there giving orders. wahaha. and after all her hardwork, i finally saw the half of my table which i never saw before, except when we first bought it. haha. then i realised wlao my table quite big. never realised. haha. but there’s still loads to be cleared:( AFTER MY TRIP. heh.

then the chinese stuff i dug up, GOMM, i can return to laoshi cause it would be sufficient for one student next year. all the untouch worksheets, most of it i havent seen before. all the zuowen ti mu. haha. i only did one zuo wen this year other than the school tests. shucks, can see myself retaking the O level thing. blehh.

by the way, if you really nothing to do, go youtube search THE ITALIAN MAN. haha you prolly heard it before but it’s dam funny. haha but if you hate vulgarites ttm, don’t:)

oh oh and stressed is desserts spelt backwards. cool or cool?

k bye, drag myself to training again:(

The greatest tragedy is not making a mistake, but it is not realising where you have gone wrong.

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I am, the greatest tragedy. WTS

GOMM, they say opposites attract. haha nonsense. what a great way to start the day when i didnt really sleep and my phone died on me without me realising. plug it in and TA-DA. later during training, coach it probably going to tell me i’ve improved a lot after a week of no training. oh yeahhh, must make the best out of everything. i’ll transfer whatever emotions i have into that little black ball and smack it on the wall. my aim: make the wall crumble so i can be buried down under. not bad, first time got aim for training:)

Ok, now i am on the mission to find myself. find back the person whom i was. gahhh. how to? dam hard, last time got nothing in my head one, didnt even need a brain. talk to people without processing. now everything come out like got filter (not the kind for vulgarities) but it turns out that it’s not filtered enough. sigh, i cant even do anything properly huh. yupp, maybe i’m am tired, but it’s not due to telling people that i love them (this i mean it) it’s more of holding back what i had wanted to say, not being the past me i guess? now i want to go back, i cant. wts. doesn’t matter now anyways. i’ll just continue drifting with the current.

byeeeee, i’m going to hit some balls.

p.s. i ain’t going to blog anymore i guess, at least for the time being it’ll be private so yeahh, BYE. and i wont be reading people’s blog anymore, it’s torturous.


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HAHA, dam cool  how every year i will be same age as my PIG senior for one day. hahha:)

haha, cant believe i’m up so early. maybe it’s the work of insomia. slept for a short while from about 530-6. wlao, i had the same nightmare. ok. since bro’s blog say if you dont want your dream to come true, must tell others about it. wlao 4 times already this dream, twice during my europe trip. i dreamt that i was taking my chinese Os, and was feeling real happy about it when it ended. then while discussing the paper with others, i realised that i didnt see the summary section and left the 20 marks out. wlao, frigging real can. sooo many times. sigh, in actual fact, i really wrote rubbish for my summary for the real Os. is this some hint for mental preparation?! OMG.

was thinking letting go would mean i go back to the old me? like whatever that comes out from my mouth dont have to go through my brain at all and whatever i blog would be what ever i want to say. then i started thinking again. nahh, that wont happen. cause i dont even know who i am now. amazing how people change within say, 6 months. i am a stranger to myself and let alone others. blehh.

and the whole night, afiqah has been trying to boost my already inflated ego. hahah thanks:) ONE YEAR OLDER, ONE YEAR WISER!!!

suddenly i find myself looking forward to the japan trip. dont know why cause it was never my wish to go.

i’ve learnt my lesson, the hard way though, let me be a better friend…

awaiting a reply that wont come…

mistakes lead me to the end

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Ok i admit defeat. i’ll take it as though you never existed? but if you ever need me, i’ll be there. thanks, bye