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OMG we are seriously the champions!!! wahaha!! i mean first for day one and 4th for day two. FOURTH LEHHH!!! missed by 5 points. plus they were lenient in minusing the 5%. sigh. haha. we were soooo punctual. ahhah. com’on man!!! let’s own wargames!!!

wahhh batch dance is the killer!!! i can only remember the first 2 eights of the dance. and remembering doesn’t equate to being able to do it. sighh. and then like they teach super fast plus i have zero rhythm sense. then after i look at the ogls dancing on stage and everyone’s following them, after jumping left and right countless times, when i look at the person in front of me, it’s a guy, behind me, my own partner. what the. keep ending up in the guys row. wahhh sucks lah.

OG outing later!!! mass convo last night but i wasn’t part of it:( hahaha came home far too late. oh oh my ogl is J9’s angel!!! and she said i’m her godmortal but i dont remember at all:(

anyway yay!!! bought 2 more albums!! i’m officially BANKRUPT! anyone wants to do some charity by donating money to me? you’ll have better fortune!!!!

and i ponned 2 CCA trials:( 2 more to go. i cannot pon these 2 cause they are soooo crucial!!!


Holding hands or letting go, happiness or blessings

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wakakaka!!! yesterday was a happy day!!!:D hahahha. cause i finally found a CD shop, the one at ion!!! so i got my 2 albums!!!! muahahah!!! but i am still finding for the hi my sweetheart OST although all the songs can be found in the albums that i bought, to show my support!!! hahha. and i cannot find show’s older albums:( sighh. got nice songs!!!

heh needa go for training soon:D or rather, CCA trial. haha. ehhh anyone got gui hun and bu xue by huang hong sheng? send me please:D

Every person is waiting for someone

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WAHHH havent posted in a long long long time:) heh. OMG i really like Show luo man!!! ehhh watch this!!! he is sooo XIAO SHUN!!!! go youtube, search this!! Show Luo 罗志祥 — 幾分 with an appearance from his mom (live)

soooo nice!!! ok lah, he doesn’t have a powerful voice but he is such a nice son:) great dancer, actor and host!!! and his songs are nice!!! oh oh i am sooo happy cause there is an extension to HI MY SWEETHEART!!:D so next week then end. sigh, good things all come to an end. and while waiting for the next episode to be released, i started watching corner with love. one of his earlier shows. one which i totally ignored when it was on channel U. but it’s sooo awesomeee!! hahah dam funny yet sad. oh oh i just watched one part. here goes.

the girl who he loves gets like forcefully engaged to her fiance. fiance is a rich man. invites him to a posh restuarant(howtospell?) with the girl. then tries to humiliate him so…

rich man: hey, why dont you do the ordering?

show luo: sure why not? (takes the menu and stares at it blankly—everything is in french and he ain’t really educated)

show luo: erm i would like this, this and this. (points at the menu, five different things)

show luo: merci beaucoup (wrong spelling, pardon me but it’s thank you in french if i am not wrong)

show luo: (looks at the rich man with a proud face) see, i can speak french too! (smiles gleefully)

waiter: sorry sir, you’ve ordered 5 soups, which would you like first.

WAHAHAHHA, that face was expressionless!!! omg. ok right, i am like ZI-HIGHING. ok nvm, he really rocks man!!!:D

sigh, just learnt something about someone which isn’t a happy thing. wished i could help. heh.

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wahhh yesterday it was te most number of people that came to my blog in a long long time. why ah? anyway, yay today’s monday so the next episode is out!!! and i finished watching liao:( sigh next week last ep but the preview is really saddening:( OMG!!! next week onwards i wont be looking forward to mondays anymore and i have nothing to await for on youtube:( sigh!!!

i will start dreading mondays cause of school. omg!!! wahhh this show is awesomee!!!!:D heh. blehh i should go and sleep now and pray that i will oversleep so i dont have to go back to school later for track training!!! wahhh i’ll be dam hungry leh. 5-7. blehh. please everyone pray with me!!! the sky looks overcast!!! pray that the rain will come!!! must be dam heavy ah!!! oh man but RJ’s gym is hugeee and fully equipped. sigh. pray that erm the gym’s ceiling will come tumbling down and it will rain!!! then YAY!!!:D

heh byeeee i need to go cure my withdrawal symptoms from HI MY SWEETHEART!!!!:D

da-lung, da-lung, da-lung…

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BOy! i’m glad that i havent been accepted into any of the electives:) haha.

and OMG i hope when they say white based they mean 50%:) hahaha. but Jodee says no one cares so ohyeahh!!! and up till now, i am glad that i took PCME instead of BCME cause i really like P a lot. at least until now lah. wahhh if i do get promoted to J2 next year, i got a feeling that the one H2 i pass is physics:) or at least, that is what i want to do well in:) hahahah.

and i think i wont be changing CCAs. unless my stamina improves:) haha. and in squash, it’s kind of the familarity i get that i am not willing to let go off i guess:) anyway, to those in sing closed, all the best!!!

wahh track training’s tmr!! ihope it gets cancelled:) 

oh yeah!!! tmr the next episode!!! maybe i’ll rush home to watch it then go back to RJ for track. see lah, daddy doesn’t allow me to get iphone then i must go home to watch. luckily my house quite near!! wooohooooo

add on:)

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hahah yay!!! my match  ain’t today:) hahahha.

anyway, went back to rg this morning then i was at the bus stop and a teacher alighted from the bus so naturally i bowed and naturally she smiles:) what a nice sight. unlike RJ:( wlao i bow at the teacher, she looks at me weirdly and giggles. funny ah?!


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wakakakka havent been blogging cause school has started:( blehh, dont know why i’m soooo tired. not as if school has been happening. it’s just that lectures are boring ttm and i cant stay awake:( anyway, dont know why training has been ceased for a long long time. blehh. and i was seriously interested in floorball until the 2.4 part of trials put me off cause squek said that have to run below 13 mins. ok byeeeeeeeee floorball.

hahaha, squek’s in my aspen class!! dam funny cause we played bridge in the middle of class. haha. and the teacher kept calling her yining but she didnt object and the rest just kept laughing. haha.

and wahhh i am sooo off form and singapore closed is starting. like starting starting!!! OMG:( like later 630pm’s my match. ok i’ll go and get thrashed by rach choe. hahaha. soo funny how we are finally teammates after 4 years of opponent-ship. and anyone wants L sized RJ skirts? cause wanning bought and now she says it’s tight and it’s altered already!!! good deal huh!! anyone? hahah, i think anu’s interested.

ok i need to go meditate already. byebye!