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Happy belated birthday to SUNXIEZHI!!:D

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There will be answers only at the very end

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at this rate, i’m going mad if i am not mad yet. seriously. i stayed up to the PW homework which apparently no other class has been given the assignment to plan a PI based on last year’s qns. unfair. i did so much research yknow! cause it’s super embarrassing when you get scolded in front of the whole class which was what happened to my classmate today. then after completing it at dont know what time, i moved on to do econs essay planning. wlao, he gave us on thurs day then say discuss next tutorial which is the next day:( so i did it until super super late and my eyes were struggling to keep open. and in the end he says i’ll go through next week. HONESTLY, TELL ME BEFOREHAND PLS!

wahhh siao dam stressed. why isit that everyone has so much work yet they all seem fine. good for you and keep it that way!!!

and we were asked to finish physics tutorial dam long ago but every lesson is just for us to build our rubberband launcher. sianz. so waste time!!!:(

haiyo pe is dam xiong!!!:( ok lah 4 rounds already killed me since i havent been training and havent ran the track since last year’s nationals since i didnt do napfa. so i already walked although it’s just 4 rounds. the thing that killed was the resistance band. seriously. yknow jenny niu is sooo strong so she took the second hardest combination of bands. so we have to put around our waist/hip, back person hold on and front person got to sprint so like you slowly move across the field though the front person is SPRINTING. then the teacher goes, you guys are too strong for this, and she passes the hardest combination to us. and seriously, i sprint 5 steps, i’m still at the same spot and it’s soooo tiring. sigh. I HATE PE!!!:(

ok, going to miss next 2 mondays’ trainings:( braces hello. pls be good and let me take off before PW presentation k. since i’m already mumbling when i speak and my voice is muffled cause too low. cant imagine talking with those metal things in my mouth:( soon i wont be heard.

ok enough of ranting. byebye.

random note: the raffles ultimate frisbee FRISBEE is dam nice!!! did you understand what i just said? phrasing a bit kookoo since brain is fried

If loving you is wrong, then i would rather not be right. If thinking of you is a crime, you might as well execute me.

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tell you a secret!!! i secretly wanna join council!! wahaha. heh. forget it since i am struggling with my tutorials.

GOSH!!! i really HATE CHEM!!! like TTM. i can like drop chem for history given a choice!!! yeahh!! that’s how bad chem is!!! blehh. and going to JC reminds me of years back when i was p4 i think. hahah. cause never once in my school life did i go to school with all my work done. hahah. and p4 i think i was dam scared of some teacher soo everyday i worry about me not completing my homework, getting sent out of class. haha. now everyday i dam stress:( stress until can cry. like literally. ahhah. and yesterday i was fretting over my math cause i didnt complete questions 1-9. did about 1-8 then got stuck so i died. hahah. and in the end, we only had to do 1-4. GOSH!!! no wonder!! the rest havent been taught!!! blehh, i was sitting there trying to figure out why the freaking graph looked sooo diff in different zooms( can refer to qn 10 of math tut 1) haiyo. i think so far, physics is the best!! econs ok lah. the rest:(

but but my math tutor is really dam nice!! hahah. super kind and funny!!! oh oh CONGRATS LEEMEIYING!!! wahhh dam lucky!! hahah. aku!!! you pro lah. cause you go church every sunday. sigh:( hahahah.

yknow, i cannot wait for the council people to campaign!!! hahha. cheechee sing a song again man!!! whahahahha:)

GOMM, my first PE lesson tmr!! dont make me run pls. and talking about this, i am going to fail NAPFA this year!!!:( cause frisbee is really dam slack compared to squash and like when i was in squash i never did have to worry about passing napfa. now with frisbee, the first thing to die is IPU, then 2.4 followed by shuttlerun, SBJ, situps and sitnreach. blehh. and i will not exercise other than my cca. sighhh:( there’s soo much to stress about, i’m going crazy. i am serious. GLOBAL WARMING STRIKE US INTENSELY NOW. sorry for being so selfish but i guess i’ve really enough of life:(

ok SMILE!!!:D tmr’s pinafore day? ok last day to wear my gown. i am going to survive this week!!! friday’s like the slackest day although it ain’t very good but my timetable really sucks!!! and i am sooo free on fridays since there’s no more squash:( i look forward to SATURDAYS!!!! make sure the ban mian taste goooood!!!! or i’ll kill the cooker!!! GRRR!!


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Awww, teolifang sooo sweeet but erm, i ain’t the weird one!!!!

yay!!! take 5 was awesome!!! haha. and no one was paying attention to the ZAO SIA songs lah. hahaah. we watching soccer then everyone kept looking at each other at the same time and exclaiming ZAO SIA lah!!! hahah:) yay. i like it when the OG comes together and does nothing but we still have fun!!! haha. i love frisbee!!! but the sun was far tooo hot to play cause bare-footed dam pain. hahaha. i love the frisbee mates photo on fb:) just the 3 of us!! haha sooo coool we’re going to be in the same CCA if i even have a cca:(

oh oh and i pangseh-ed my og for J9 yesterday!! haHA. supposed to be catching up session yet we ended up going to kbox cause my mummy owes her a session. hahah. dam fun lah!!! soo high and started jumping on the seats!!! in the end all sore throat then zao sia!!! hahah.

ehhh i dedicate PENG YOU to j9 koh!! but no chinese lyrics:( cannot find. and google translator sucks!!!


Zhe xie nian yi ge ren
Feng ye guo yu ye zou
You guo lei you guo cuo
Hai ji den jan chi shen mi

Zhen ai guo cai hui dong
Hui ji mo hui hui shuo
Zhong you meng zhong you ni
Zai xin zhong

Peng you yi sheng yi qi zou
Na xie ri zi bu zai you
Yi ju hua yi bei zi
Yi sheng qing yi bei jiu
Peng you bu ceng gu dan guo
Yi sheng peng you ni hui dong
Hai you shang hai you tong
Hai yao zou hai you wo

and tian and J9!!! let’s goo shopping!!! but must go to far east for a while k!!! i want to go to my fav shop which i have never been into before!!! let me save up first then we go and splurge!! hahaha.:)

and and people!!! let’s go out!!! just a simple one to catch up would be awesome!!!:) AKU POOPIE HINDERANCE!!! THANKS AH!!!:D


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YAY!!! i got into frisbee!!! i was soooo happy when my senior called me today while waiting for the bus to go for squash training. hahha. but then coach came to talk to me and i really felt dam bad but i already promised seetoh that i’m joining frisbee if i got in:) so i was sooo certain that i was going to join frisbee. but the when lifang appeared and talked to me, i swayed. aiyo it’s sooo hard to let go of squash, of squashers, of coach. but aiyo i made a promise and i shall stick with it and honestly i dont regret!!! come on man!!!:)

yuppp, i want to declare my love for EILEEN SEETOH!!! i mean thanks man!!! you’ve helped me soooo much!! i love you!!! and i’m now your junior again!! OMG!!! and i want to thank TEOLIFANG!!! sooo supportive and gave me sooo much advice. wahhh i am really going to miss you man!!! i mean 4 years leh!!! now who can i go to for such advice?:( ahhh AWESOME SENIORS and BATCHMATES.

ok feels much better after crying it out. but it still doesn’t mean that i have let go. soooo difficult. no more looking forward to going to tanglin/kallang/sgcc. the familarity that i just change clothes, change shoes, take a ball, take my racquet, go into a court of familiar faces and start whacking the ball like as though i’ve been whacking it since young.:( and if you didn’t know, i have very strong emotional attachments to my racquets:(

Bye RJsquash:(

We can’t return to the past, yet we can’t see what’s ahead of us

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Haha omg. OG and class has made me understand how much courage one must muster before they talk to me. haha. sorry man. aiyo it’s not as though i didnt know that before this year. it’s just that it’s hard for me to show you the other side when i barely know you. hahah. glad that i didnt change my combi and class. hahah. made the right move by opening up slightly. hahah:) thanks bro!!! it’s your credit cause that day you came then i talked to you then my classmates saw the other side and ask me why i soo quiet when you aren’t around. hahah.

OMG my cca trials are screwed. i am the most screwed up person on earth. hahaha. basically, i ponned all my trials by like turning up but not putting my name down or simply not turning up. wahhh i suck. haha. gosh. sooo my senior let me crash the JAE frisbee trials but there was some misunderstanding and the frisbee people said that i told them i was trying out for fun and they are very sensitive towards this thing sooo they didnt want me:( what a reason to get rejected. i mean i didnt say a word!!! like seriously j9 can be my witness!!! i was sooo dao during the whole thing cause the group were of like people not from rg so i never talk also. wahhhh dig your ears lehhh. but now eileen says they’re reconsidering and i can only hope for the best. haha. had to pledge myself to them like a thousand times before they decided to reconsider:( hahah. so if i get in i’ll quit squash. but i dont think they want me already.

and i ponned physical test yest since i had trials and coach told my batchmates to get the DOG here. hahah. he claims that frisbee’s for dogs. omg i dont want to do the test next week. sooo hard. push-ups, sit-ups, courtsprints, burpees and 4.8!!! OMG.

and facebook has changed:( i mean i usually dont access it through a com so my page looks diff. wahhh they say it’s simplified and yet now i cannot find the logout button:( sucks. and i want to drop chem. it’s NOT MY THING:(

champions ftw!

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sigh:( the last episode to hi my sweetheart was a little disappointing. but then again, it ain’t fair to them if we judge like that. afterall they included everything that needed to be in this awesomest show and every episode cannot be all happening. haha:) soooo everyone seems disappointed cause the whole show was soooo awesome which raised the expections of the last episode. haha.

oh man!! orientation is over!!! too fast. way too fast. hahah:) GRRRR!!! we are the champion OG man!!! i mean like let’s list out the achievements again. haha. 1st for station games, 3rd for EA, 1st for DANCE OFF and top 2 for costume (but we couldnt win this cause we won dance off) haha. and i think we pwned all the other MR groups man. hahaha!!!! GRRR, GRRR, GRRR!!! MR12!!! MUAHAHAH:D

and crap, tutorials and stuff all going to start. sighh. gosh, i’m sooo subdued in class!!! (heh subdued is a dam cheem word right!!! haha. dont know who used it on me when PQQ wasnt in class or something cause no one to suan) aiy. then bro came over then jenny said wahhh your humour is back hahaha. miss 402 dam a lot. really wanted to change my sub combi yknow, just to change my class. but then that wouldnt be fair cause i havent allowed myself to accept the class. heh. sooo now i think our class is not bad and quite HAPPENING. wahhaha:)

and you!!! haha. dont get bf then forget me ahh!!!:D wahahhahaha