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Hello blog!!! siannn, i am losing my blogging skills. anyway just want to say nice speeches to the MR campaigners. during that time, it really makes me hate this mixed environment. why can those immature BOYS shuddup and give the campaigners the respect that the deserve. even if dont want to vote for them just shuddup lah. so much hardwork put in lor. blehh.

anyway, vote for SToMP (shayne tan, teo zhenling, manfred ng and PHUA QIQI) and Dumbledore’s Army (RACHEL TAN, DAYNA SIM, ZHANG LITING and michael lee) and SMILE or the GINGERBREADMAN group (EUNICE CHONG, JENNY NIU, pris chew and daniel chander)!!! yuppp. make WISE votes!!!!:D

yay soooo exciting, why the campaigning so short. hahhaa. but at least like that the council campaigners can have their well-deserved break:D all the best people!!!:D

yay holidays!!! but MONDAY IS COMING…:(


royal sea cucumber!!

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YAY tmr is friday!!!!

sad… just came back from the hospital from visiting my grandpa:( his leg got amputated…hopefully the other one does not need to be.

anyway… SORRY cheechee!!! but you see i have to maintain my cool image in school!!! hahahh ok kidding:) i miss the coral, sea cucumber, attapchee and altogether cheng tng times with you!!! wahahhahahhaha:) but erm i’ll rather watch my head then to do spastic stuff:) hahahah. ehhh wanted to ask you for advice on something but you are so busy so nvm:)

shucks my undone homework is piling up and somehow when i come to jc, i dont do work after 7pm and most of the time i reach home at 630 or 7 or 930 so yeahh. and i cant seem to last beyond 11pm:) hahah. so i sleep super a lot:) yay!!! looking forward to next week since it will be such a short week!:) and my dad will be back!! and i can get my phone!!! die die die, i have been sick so didnt touch the frisbee this week. i am such a pig.

bye people!!! jiayou with jc life!!:D

somebody call 995!

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wahhh yesterday was day horrible:( have been running a fever since monday. probably due to playing frisbee in the rain. yay CHAO OUTSIDE FTW! and during camp had little sleep so yeahh. then went to see a doc yesterday cause i couldnt take it anymore and i wasnt doing my work cause wlao the sick feeling is seriously horrid. haha the doc suspected it was swine flu lah. go die lah. ahhahah. but yeahh, had 4 hours of aspen yesterday. didnt absorb anything since i was concentrating more on how to stop shivering.

and sleep yesterday was a super disturbed one. one moment is was shivering like my teeth got the grrr grr feeling. then after that i start perspiring and the cycle goes on. then i had a mini nightmare. the kind that you dont exactly know the feeling but it sucks:(

i have to start doing my homework but the medication makes me drowsy:( sian. hope i can play frisbee on monday!

and JUNIORS!!! all the best for interschool!!!! make it double finals yeahh?! sigh, time to emo again when i think of what happened last year:(


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HELLO EVERYONE!!!! sad, ultimate camp has ended and i didnt go back for rgsquash camp. anyway, rjsquash is having their camp now!!! have fun!!!:)

yupps, ultimate camp was really the ultimate!!!:D hahahaha. dam fun and i am starting to like scrimages just that it’s sooooo tiring esp are one time of marking jiajie. it just drains ALL the energy for you later games. hahahaha:) soooo pro man.

and frisbee people are sooooo nice! seniors and batchmates both rock man!! i ain’t regretting my choice to join frisbee:) shucks i have no moood to block since i havent done a single piece of work and a whole pile awaits me and i am going out later:( sigh.

bye!!! i go bury myself in the stack of homework


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OMG OMG!!!! i got inside info that xiaozhu will be coming to singapore for his world tour concert on the 22nd of may!!! anyone want to come with me? i’m trying to get the 150bucks tickets cause the 180 ones are taken by his international fan club and i am not even in the singapore fan club but i may be able to get the 150 bucks  one!!!:D anyone wants?

shucks i think no one will go with me in the end so i will end up not going:( please please come!!! tell me if you want!! i need to know by wed!!:D

and i am sooo sad cause mummy doesn’t allow me to join SFC!!! SHOW FAN CLUB:DD sad:( anyway, his album is really worth buying!! has been topping the charts esp with the song xi guan jiu hao!!!


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blog, you are soooo dead. your owner is lousy at managing you!!:(

hahah. dont really use the com on weekdays cause there’s just far tooo much work and too little sleep. OMG, not as though there were tests. but i slept at 330 and 230 for 3 consecutive days at about those timings. wlao eh!!!:(

oh oh oh, after aspen yesterday, upon crossing over to bugis, actually even before that, we heard screams!! hahah. then i remembered that xiao gui was holding his qian chang hui at bugis and there was a big crowd. so jenny, claire and amanda and myself deciding to be kpoh to go see look see for a while. hahaha. then he was singing bu xue so i sang along super loudly. ahhaha:) although we were there for less than 5 mins, we were dam high lah. ahhahahahaha. eeeeeyer why xiaozhu dont want to come:(

anyway, in a week’s time i’ll get the gai ban version with his MV and a 3D glasses!! cool right?! cause one of the MV is 3D sooo must wear the thing to watch!! OMG dam cool!!!:) how i wish my mummy would let me go taiwan this march hols. but she just said no:( anyway there’s frisbee camp on 15 16 and tmr got competition the whole day:) but i really wanted to go for his concert!!! omg 3  concerts on the 15 and 16 in taipei!!! i want to see him dance ai de zhu chang xiu in DALANG persona!!! OMG!!!!!:D

on the brighter side, hols are here!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahhah i am sooooo happy!!!:D i really wanna go back during the training camp for rgsquash!!! haaha. but maybe no time and plus the few of us invited have all stopped squash. ahahhaha:) shucks. ok i feel soooo broke now cause i just bought someone something ex:) hahahahahah love you!!!!


soooo funny!

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Wahhhh this shall be a short post since i have no inspiration!!!. hahahha. i am lagging for school work!!! last week i was in front lehh!! hahah. shucks. i slept at 730 yesterday and just slept through to this morning!!:)

ok anyway, i love lab session!!! hahaha. my partner is really funny. OMG!!:D seriously. at this rate i’ll end up failing my chem SPA but i dont mind lah. it’s sooooo funny i just cant stop laughing. no wonder results are screwed. hahah. wahhh but the lab was far too hot. first i was getting grouchy cause it was 2 hours in this sweltering heat and it was last 2 blocks until 410. haha. but then it was too much fun. hahah. ended up sweating a lot. ok we shall try to give life to this dead class. at least he will try. not me:)