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how do i go from here

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the concert was awesomeeeee!!! hope part 2 comes along and you guys must catch it… no mood to blog for i am way tired… my body is awesomee it has gone far beyond it’s exhaustion capacity…. it’s a wonder how i am still alive!!

quick one since it’s 2.. screwed up gp as expected but bought nice nice cleats so i am happy!!!

ok i am going to REPENT!! byebye!!

last day of school tmr…(:

Strangers are just friends we haven’t met..

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haha, i love my title… thanks for the cheem wise words!! whahaha(:

the sense of disappointment just overwhelms me… disappointment in myself in every aspect i can think of…

wahhh yesterday’s training not bad lah(: but aiyo everytime i see coach’s face i can dieeee. where has my passion for scrimmages gone to? maybe there wasnt passion to start with in the first place. ahha.

gahh, somehow the cramping starts all over again, it’s even worse than those i had in squash. one day i’ll just cramp up while crossing the road and the car comes and byebye(: hahaha. i think i have cramped in every possible part already… some i think are ridiculous, oh my tian! haha.

talking about oh my TIAN, this morning was a UNIQUE way to start the day… ahha. was freaking tired due to the serious lack of sleep so i was lying on the amphi steps with j9 and we were seriously sleeping until some idiot came and jabbed our 6 pacs. wahha. stupid tian… ok then talk talk talk laugh laugh laugh and the next thing i knew, i was soaked… wtp?! childish huh people?! hahah(:

emoness yesterday brought forward to today… i guess telling yourself to smile aint as easy anymore.. ahha. but ok i shall keep the rest secret since it shall stay within the 4 corners of the window(: ahha. that was dam witty btw!(:

i am blabbering incoherently, forgive me, i know not what i am typing and i am seriously dam tired):

btw was feeling happy during physic lecture today cause i was sitting with my “brothers in arms” selenatanruizhen(:


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No sorrow is greater than despair

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OMG! my phone bill came and my sms count for the last month was the highest in my sms history… sianz… luckily my mother’s not the one looking at it… hahaha. my dad took out the bill then he WOAH and dropped it then me and my bro were like huh? got cockroach ah?! then he said see for yourself.. haha. the number is not even believeable lah!! sianzz i bet singtel cheated me omg!!!):

i am v sad cause mummy’s in europe i think?? aiyo, and i did my first math assignment!!! first meaning without any help!! omg!!(: cause only 4 questions!!! wooohoooo!! so proud of myself!!!

heh, yest had unofficial training and omg mich snr’s put to end zone super nice and perfect omg!!!! i dreamt of her throw last night…it appeared for a split second. haha. that shall be the only time i dream of frisbee(: and studying session after that was fail ttm!! wahahha(: cause spongebobby was tired so yeahh…

and omg training tmr… COACH IS BACK): i am really dam scared of him lah… my throws so screwed already in front of him they are even worse… i think the disc also dam scared of him… haiz, wanna play for interjc must train hard but then i dont really feel motivated):

aiy whatever… i shall try to do some work now(: heh my mood quite good cause tmr no schoool!!!(: byeeeeeeeee!!!

i’m always here when you need me…

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Like what PQQ said, EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON… we may not see it now, but it will be clear in time to come. to my friends out there who feel like they should just give up, all i can say is keep the faith(:

here’s a quote sent to me by this really awesome person(: here goes..

“Whether it may someday fade or forever linger, when you are amidst it, sorrow is sorrow. The pain cannot be rationalized away. The pain cannot be masked. Nor, however, does the sorrow mean you are not allowed to feel happiness. Indeed, the sorrow is there to be embraced so that, even through it, you may feel a greater sense of joy. Not necessarily the joy of immediate laughter, but the deeper joy of gratitude.”

Anyway, went for girls’ soccer MS today… heh, the capt dam cool lah! and vjc players all dam cool omg!!(:

dont even know why i am blogging when i have nothing to say.. i realised i am unable to blog like how i did last year like talking about attapCHEEs, corals and chengtng…(: good times i must say, those were certainly happy moments with carefree laughter. something that has disappeared from my life for a while now.. but i am going to get it back because mourning about how life sucks everyday isnt going to help. the intensity of misery will just increase exponentially. so yeahh!(:

anyway, this morning somehow good mood lehh.. maybe cause i started off the day talking to tian and j9(: then i was seriously happy cause maybe i was using up my happiness since there was 2 hrs of math tut at the end of the day. haha. but it turned out to be quite ok although tutor was pissed with me chattering but erm, i dont care? ahha. ooops sound like some paikia but seriously lah, teachers have something against me): dont know why… always say my shirt tucked out, like gangster but that’s because i RUN UP 1000 flights of stairs to make it in time for your lesson!!! sianz. dont appreciate my sweat):

ohoh, today at amphi it was super funny!!! haha. ok jinzaw! you know what i am referring to!! omg wahahhaha(: got koi pond in the plastic bag omg! i am dam strong!!! wooohooooo(:

tmr will be a better day!!! and i must start training hard!!!(: no chance but just train lah, train because i WANT TO, not because i HAVE TO(:

i think for now i’ll say i love solitude

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That prolly illustrates how i feel emotionally i guess… ah whatever… it’s not like i can feel anything anymore.. i dont understand how i can be a failure to such an extent! it’s unbelieveable): as in like wlao, last 2 years or should i say my whole life but last 2 years were most painful… yeahh, having gone through painful lessons last year, why havent i learnt from it?! why must i repeat that shit every year?! seriously, omg dam fail lah my life. seriously, i suck at handling relationships (friendships, acquaintanships)

seriously, if you take me for granted or like some tool, im fine, just dont me as some joke please, it hurts. this is emotionally draining and i’m at my breaking point. but then everytime i see you all these disappears. yet somehow, i can piss you off each time i see you and then try to find ways to make up for it after that. sorry… i dont understand you, neither will you be able to understand me cause i have concluded 20000 years ago that i am a weird freak. so yeahh…

and jinzaw, if you ever read this, thanks much for today(: you must cheer up too(: and FOCUS during trainings!! hehe:) heh sorry for just now the BAD BAD ON PURPOSE THROW:P

anyway, j9 says i;ve been punishing myself with so little sleep haha(: i am surprised that i am still surviving despite the 1.5 hrs sleep yesterday or even less… well done. and i swear, i have never been so happy upon seeing lightning before!! ok cannot swear but yeahh!(: other than econs test, today not bad except towards the end… loved training today though, other than some hmmm… emotional rubbish…

yupp that’s all i have to say… bye world… i am a liar