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And I wonder if I’ve ever crossed your mind, for me it happens all the time.

Posted in Uncategorized on July 28, 2010 by Michelle Kwek

HEHEHE hello people!! got miss me not?? wahh dam long never blog. heh. that’s because im a busy person with many meetings a week… meetings refers to remedial heh. cts results no good no good… but i mean i didnt expect more so ok lah:) must study for promos… i dont wanna get retained):

ANYWAY, RAFFLES ULTIMATE = CHAMPS OF INTERJC 2010!!! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!! OMG THIS IS SO LAGGED BUT STILL, WOOOOOTS!!!:) so proud of my teammates!! yay!! couldnt play but wow watching along the sidelines was super exciting and siao scary ttm lah!!

wahh mad, just when i thought i’ll change for the better and try to finish my homework, homework shoots like some endless power bullet gun… oooooooh dear!! im doomed…. and pw is some atomic bomb!! die already lah.

siao training is starting soon and it’s gonna be intense and i sort of want to train until i get tired and then just fall asleep when i get home but i cannot train… YET.. maybe one year later then can but that means i wont play at all. omg life sucks… heh. but it couldn’t be helped so yupp… cannot emo about it already:) life’s been not bad lah!!:) i mean im satisfied and all!! cant wait for dec hols though!!:)


what has been kept within shall remain within

Posted in Uncategorized on July 9, 2010 by Michelle Kwek

WOW havent posted for dam long.. i mean i was busy thinking how to screw around with cts.. hahha.

but yeahh.. cts screwed.. expected and i dont really care since there wasnt a motivation to pass cts cause stopping me from training doesnt have any effect anymore):

anyway interjc is near!! jiayou ppl!! and for those who want to come down to support keep 170710 free!! yay exciting!! shall no emo hereeeee..

oh saw some photos of st nicks and was really sad..):

ok really am in no mood to blog at all.. life without playing frisbee sucks… but thank goodness for the ppl around me..

oh oh and today’s lunch was the best!! thanks jinzaw, carina and su san!! HAHAHHAAHHAH most i’ve ever laughed!! seriously!! wahhahahha until my pee want to come out ahh!! yay!!! awesomeeeeee(: