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im burning up

Posted in Uncategorized on June 9, 2011 by Michelle Kwek

OHMYGOSH!!! KIMHYUNJOONG IS CRAZYYYY!! AHHHHHHH!! although i dont know much about kpop and i dont really know how other groups have their stages when they make their comeback on music shows but WOW, the stage setup on M!COUNTDOWN dam elaborate dam nice!!!! omg 🙂 why is he soooo hot!! you have to watch it!! i think the PLEASE stage was BEST!! but he should have sang KISS KISS too heehee:) go watch !!

heehee Xmen is good too!! definitely worth the price of a movie ticket plus it’s a long movie!! heehee so exciting!! TODAY ROCKS wooohooo!(:




Posted in Uncategorized on June 7, 2011 by Michelle Kwek

yesterday when i posted i forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMHYUNJOONG!! ahh how could i have forgotten!! hahaha i was announcing to the world that is was his birthday during training!! hahaha

and today is the official release of KIMHYUNJOONG’s MINI ALBUM BREAKDOWN!! heehee have been so busy the past two weeks, streaming his song PLEASE which was released on soribada and the teaser out on youtube first!! super HOT omg!! dam nice song!! you got to watch it!!

hahaha and these 6 months he has been playing so much soccer now!! he has transformed from a boy to a buff man!! omg dam BUFF^^ watch the break down MV here!!

heehee!! all the songs super nice!! and finally got a video of his breakdown dance prac!! dam cool!!

if you really do go watch pls follow those links and watch videos uploaded only by kimhyunjoong606 because that’s his official youtube channel!!^^ heehee now much busier because must download all the tracks mulitpls times to ensure got rankings on charts(: tonight will be is first showcase which he would be sponsoring and 4000 lucky fans can get in!! ahhh i could have gotten a ticket but there is training and my mother doesnt allow): if not i can be there with all the other henecians with leader!!


DAEBAK LEADER!! all henecians will do our best:) heehee

Im a screwdriver, screwing everything up:(

Posted in Uncategorized on June 6, 2011 by Michelle Kwek

Crappp I’m saying the f word so often now thanks to trainings. I’m like an idiot hot just came back from a year’s maternity leave with no stamina, no skill, no gameplay. Wts am I doing on the field?! Pulling the team down huh. But everyone has been too nice to me:( why can’t you all just scold me for dropping, for throwing throws the go everywhere but where you want it to be. Am seriously pissed. There isn’t much time left to interjc and I won’t let myself screw the team up!!

And Mei is now in Penang:( hope you will have lots of fun and kick your opponents’ asses:) hahaha

June hols is screwed and so are my Cts.. Shit lah everyone finishing topic by topics maybe even subjects now and I’m where I first started my holidays:( Selena told me even swimmers are revising and they are supposedly the slackers so I better buck up!!

you are my pillar of strength:)