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Hmm during Shell’s 120th anniversary gala dinner, when posed the question,”could you give us your take on the meaning of life?” Mr Lee Kuan Yew ended of his reply with,” don’t do things you were not given to do.” so erm I should just drop out of school?? Hahah I really wish I could but then reality being mr harsh just slaps you back later on in life:(

Oh!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BB!! though I doubt you know the existence of this weird blog!!


Everyone, jiayou for As!! It’s probably the hardest stage of education but we’ll get through this:)


the final lap, just sprint lah

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for the past almost 18 years, i’ve been living my life with no intention to please anyone, with almost negligible effort to take the feelings of people around me into consideration, end up hurting those who mean the world to me. it’s time to do something about it.

i’m going to follow President Obama: CHANGE

shooooot): seemed like yesterday when the countdown was 100 days.. now it’s erm 11?? so i wasted 89 days?! if i manage to get one lonely A, it’s already going to be a miracle.. i pray for more than one miracles.. hahah. time to buck up and pull up my socks!! nevermind if they overstretch and tear, it’s going to be worth it (as twin’s pm says(:)

May God bless the toddler and these people..

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Wah, I cannot study at all after watching the video last night of how the 2 year old girl was ran over twice with 18 passerbys ignoring that there was this toddler who was in need of immediate attention with her life at stake.

sorry to my com for swearing countless times at you while you played the video. you can’t blame me): if you were alive and saw the video being played through the reflection of my eyeballs, you would’ve cursed and sweared and my eyeballs.

i watched the video at least 5 times. maybe as you read my previous sentence you would be thinking “WTP is she unfeeling or what, how could she have watched it 5 times when i couldnt bear to continue watching?!” I rewatched the video trying to understand how it was possible that those 18 people (maybe they ain’t humans to begin with) could just walk past without rushing up to the little girl. in fact, if im not wrong, one was with a little child. now, how would you react if the toddler lying there in pain was the one beside you?! what kind of “moral values” are you imparting to your child. “mind your own business”?? okay fine, i give those 18 beasts the benefit of the doubt that there were deterred by the previous case when a guy was prosecuted when he helped an elderly woman who fell over because apparently, he broke government fules on dealing with accident victims. okay then maybe, MAYBE this is why those 18 beasts did not go over to help. but is it do difficult to dial for an ambulance?! i dont see how that will get you prosecuted.

yueyue’s parents should also be held responsible for the situation their daughter is in. the media points fingers at those 18 beasts but what about her parents. living in china you would probably know how the roads are like, how the drivers are like and yet you allow your daughter to roam around without any supervision?! thanks to the 18+2, innocent toddler’s life is a stake.

that maybe be but one of the many such cases┬áthat do not get broadcasted. it’s heart wrenching to see what goes on in china. Just like the Prelim GP question, “…. economically first class but socially third class..”. China’s economy is up and running yet her society.. i’m not even talking about social graces now, i’m talking about morality..

As we mug for As, yueyue is in critical condition lying in hospital. im so disturbed by this incident.. and maybe the saying “ignorance is bliss” is not apt.

on a lighter note, im reminded of CKOH!! hahaha ACT BLUR LIVE LONG!! maybe this was in the heads of those 18 beasts but sighhh, it was used wrongly for them.


today is a good good day:)

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Woohooo!! Leader’s second album is released today!!! wahh within 4 months 2 albums and in jan, one more!!! im going brokeeeee):

and and omg, LZX this year he made 20 million SGD!! wlao dam sick!!

hahahaha anyway, everything was worth the while when i saw that smile hanging across your face!!:)

this is such a random post. HAHAHAH:D