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heehee 10 more days!!

Posted in Uncategorized on November 19, 2011 by Michelle Kwek

every paper i take i screw it up sighs… told mother to expect at most 2 Bs and she said she has prepared some money to send me overseas in the event i cant get into uni or retain. she was dam serious. but that’s good maybe if it was someone else’s mum, the mother would have hacked him/her to death. so im thankful for my parents:) hahaha think my bro and I trained them well!! they gave up on askng us to study for our Os and As respectively. finally after soooo many years they have accepted the fact that we are not studying material. heehee(:

so im back to voting for khj~! woohoo 29th!! MANA awards!! cant wait!! and 2PM is performing!! lalalalalaa can finally see KIM HYUN JOONG!!! heheeheee.

life rocks!!

our temperaments clash..