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It’s no longer the same..

Posted in Uncategorized on March 16, 2012 by Michelle Kwek

You no longer give me a sense of security… Where has it gone to..


Now what?

Posted in Uncategorized on March 4, 2012 by Michelle Kwek

after a few days, let me try to do a proper post. I still feel like I’m in a dream and if this is really a dream, please dont snap me back into reality. i feel like im floating around and everything feels so surreal. after struggling for 6 years since i entered RGS, year after year producing what people would call mediocre results, I’m glad it all ended well:)

the subject that I was most surprised with is definitely chemistry. since sec 1, my average chem GPA was 2.0 and for 2 years in JC, the only time i passed chem was during prelims thanks to the 5% moderation^^ heh i am a GOLD CLASS member of chem remedial and probably silver class for math. to be honest, i had long given up on trying to get the As was out of reach for me and was estatic to see myself passing subjects. hence, a big thank you goes out to my teachers, esp math and chem. Despite being the lousiest in class, they never once gave up on me. definitely, the next person i have to thank would be jenny niu. first impression of her was LOUD andĀ over-friendly and in sec school, i felt that she wasnt the kind i would hang out with. yet, these 2 years, she was definitely my pillar and support, constantly encouraging me and was generous with her notes, guiding me patiently through my countless misconceptions. each time when i was about to give up, she was there telling me that she could see my potential and there was still time to work on things. Thank you jenny, without you, the end would have been different. and of course my parents who were never concerned about grades esp my dad. the night before GP paper, i cried because i did not have any content and stats for any topic that could come up and was worried about retaining but my parents were so cute. they took out the passbooks and told me that going overseas would be a good option. before results i told them not to expect any As and they said getting an A is so difficult who cares about that. hahahah as long as i improved from prelims, they would be contented. the best part, when i saw my results, i called my dad and when he answered i was crying non-stop, before i could even speak he went,” it’s okay, results are not everything!! singapore’s education system no good, no good” hahahah and is was in a very comforting tone:) love my parents!!

and of course there’s you:) sooooo proud of you!! you deserve it!!

and selena:) studying physics with you has been real fun and beneficial bro!! heehee^^

gahh the list really just goes on and on but yeah really want to thank everyone!!

being surrounded by smart people with great grades like tian, janine, jenny, carina blah blah blah really made me feel inferior time-to-time but they were all so encouraging and helpful and somehow they believed in me:)

last but definitely, PRAISE THE LORD!! In God’s presence, all things are possible:)

now, we would be moving on to tertiary education. let’s all think through it really carefully. it’s going to be tough but we will get through it:) congrats to everyone!! for those who are disappointed in your results, look ahead. there are much more things in life than that piece of paper. God has it all planned out for each and every one of us. Trust your life in Him and nothing will go wrong.

and to end off, I am a HAPPY CHILD OF GOD^^ heehee

I give You thanks:)

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Praise the Lord!!:)
You are the Way, the Truth and the Life and all things are made possible!! Hallelujah!!:)