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first post after removing the pw

Posted in Uncategorized on June 15, 2012 by Michelle Kwek

and so, going for Leader’s FM was really awesome!! i’m so glad i went in the end because initially i wanted to give my ticket away.. thank goodness i didnt. HE IS PERFECT!! shaking his hand up close made me even more in awe of his complexion and his golden ratio physique. erm, but his legs not that nice): BUT STILL.. wow, super tall!! but his eye bags show how tired he is): okay enough spazzing over him heh, it’s been over a month after the FM but the heavenly feeling lingers!!

I’ve been watching a lot of korean dramas for eg, the king 2 hearts by Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won, WOW NICEEEE!! but ending was slightly sad): and a show which i thought i would NEVER watch because Jang Geun Suk is in it, LOVE RAIN. I watched it after all because I LIKE YOONA!!! now i like SNSD too because i watched the variety show SNSD and the dangerous boys!! pretty awesome(: but it was thanks to GOGUMA couple on WGM, seohyun and yonghwa, did i start liking SNSD.

heh, watched most of the variety shows that SNSD has had too!! im too free(:

Watched the movie I AM not too long ago and it made me respect all celebrities. even those i do not like e.g. JGS, i respect him. The movie was a documentary about SM entertainment artistes such as Super Junior, SNSD, TVXQ etc. I respect the sacrifices and hardwork these singers have put in. I mean like wow, look and YoonA and Seohyun, they appear at SM for audition at the age of 12?! what were we doing then?? playing a fool hoping that we will be lucky for PSLE? hahaha, at that age, they chose to enter this industry. continue to attend school and afterschool rush to the company for training before catching the last train to go home. and what, they do this for 6 long years before they are given hope of a debut. RESPECT.

hahahha im now a fan of SNSD but Leader is still my priority(: i used to think that Girls’ Generation and SNSD were 2 separate groups. oh gosh. hahahaha

anyway, im watching all that i can now because I predict myself not being able to watch all these in the next 5 years): looking forward to the start of uni yet dreading it at the same time. keke^^

last but not least, here is 2 newly released japanese tracks by SNSD and Leader respectively!! oh gosh, awesome stuff!!

to those who think SNSD has no substance (like what i used to think), do watch this┬átheir voices are amazing, I wouldn’t say all but TAEYEON is a very good example(: