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Protected: I dont want to lose you.

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It’s not the end but a new beginning.

Posted in Uncategorized on February 19, 2013 by Michelle Kwek

and there, IHG 12/13 has ended. 17th feb marked the end of IHG which lasted about 1.5 months for me. and if you ask me how I feel now, I can’t describe. mixed feelings I would say. on one hand, relieved that it’s all over because it has taken a toll on my studies but on a bigger HAND, I just feel overwhelmed yet empty. ahh how to describe this.. idk.

no more trainings, more free days. I should be happy but I’m at a lost of words with the emptiness filling me. how ironic.

months of training just for 7 hours of IHG. it was all worth it. I must admit that initially I was apprehensive whether or not to join touch rugby after 1 occasion when KAPPA played a mini informal game among ourselves under the guidance of the trug capts, Max and Cheryl. I really wasn’t sure if it was the game for me. This ball which is not round, does not bounce the way I want it to (not supposed to be bounced in the first place:/), this ball which I have no control over as to which it is headed for. Why not just stick to something which I was more familiar with, like squash or something. It was not as though I felt that I would not be studying much in the sem/year ahead. yet I indicated my interest purely because many from kappa were joining, and my OGLs were the captains.

but all these thoughts were dispelled during IBG. even though we were not playing proper touch rugby, I would say the essence of the game was somewhat there. how we passed the ball backwards (counter-intuitive in my opinion), how we touched our opponents, how we ran to catch those that burned us. heh, secretly, I felt a strong sense of achievement when I ran to touch Jen who ran past us, preventing that try. that was when I thought this game is fun, there was something attractive about it but I did not know what it was then.

tbh up till now, I don’t know what really attracts me to this sport because I just love everything about it. the dynamics of the game itself is so intriguing. I love working with different people, finding out that I may work better with some compared to others, how I have to change my way of playing from person to person. and I would conclude and say that the TEAM had a large part in this attraction. the people that I have trained alongside for months, the suicides, the encouragement, the passing, the moves, the backing5, the awkward agility exercises and on a less serious note, the stirring, the HTHTs which lasted through the nights, the suppers we had with crazy amounts of food which we somehow ended up finishing, the times when we washed our boots, splashing each other with the hose. the very same bunch who fought hard with me against other halls during IHG.

it will never be the same team again but the memories will last.

wanted to go on thanking people but I think I would end up thanking everyone. esp the captains, thank you for putting in all the time and effort to make every training possible and also our team manager Leonard, without him, our captain could not have focused solely on planning our trainings. and of course our coach Raihan, without whom, we will not be the team we are today. definitely grateful to each and everyone on the team. KE TRUG is what it is because of every single one of us.

but I would like to solo out Huiming. Thank you for inspiring me. watching you train, giving your 200% each training, pushing beyond your limits. You have modeled the way for me. from being opponents during IBG, being rough towards you while playing (not intentionally, sorry!), we have come a long way. Thank you for playing such a huge role in my life. heh I should stop here, the rest I have conveyed to you privately.

KE TRUG 12/13 is a team which I am thankful and honoured to be part of. The team that I am proud of. The reason I love hall so much.

Thanks for being such an integral part of my life:)

IHG 12/13 may be over but the friendships forged, memories created, will go on.


IHG 13/14, be prepared for KE TRUG, we will show you that we are not a hall to be trifled with.


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Wow, the last post was about medicamp?! think I got too caught up with school and hall:/ i wanted to post during the holidays but I guess as usual, procrastination got the better of me.

IHG is finally coming to an end, with just touch rug left for me. how do i put it.. hall games have probably been the essence of hall life for me. Trug, Squash, Soccer, and a bit of frisbee. 3 down, 1 more to go. thought I would have more time to myself once the games end but I guess not, somehow other things crop up.

briefly, I would sum up frisbee IHG by saying that KE7 did a really good job with such a lousy captain and considering that the first time we played with one another was during IHG itself. but it was a good experience and I really enjoyed myself:) thankful to all those who came down to watch and really appreciate those who played.

soccer.. hmm.. last match against RH was slightly disappointing but I would say overall, I’m really proud of KE soccer girls team:) drawing TH, putting up a fight with EH. thought I never liked soccer but now, I really miss trainings and had so much fun during IHG. sometimes, it’s the people who make you love the sport, and I cannot agree more.

squash.. this sport really gives me mixed feelings. at the start of J1, I told myself, squash at most, would just be played recreationally, no more competitive squash. 2 years later, I find myself in the NUS squash team, representing my hall. and yet, I am enjoying myself:) IHG is over, no point harping on it but sometimes it just stays at the back of your head, reminding you from time to time. how happy we were to see the line-up, how I expected to win 4-1, how KE would finally be the champion of something. but the fact is, we lost. lost yet again to RH just like during the preliminary round. then, some of us were off-form and 2 weeks later, meeting the same opponent, we were off-form again. yes, it is just IHG, why the need to be so competitive. but I feel that this is not about being competitive, it’s more of what a waste. what a lack of sportsmanship we displayed. they displayed. My match in the finals, was a walkover. SERIOUSLY.

but all in all, we did well^^ could have been better, but we did well.

it all boils down to trug now, the one which I enjoy trainings the most, am closer to most of my teammates, spent the most time training (apart from squash). although people will say, TH, EH, KR girls are fast, we still aim high. knowing at the back of our heads that our hopes may be smashed, it does not stop us from hoping.

17th Feb, let’s just go onto to field as ONE team, play like never before, enjoy ourselves and have no regrets. regardless of the result, that would be the best way to end off IHG. at least for me.