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And the bug strikes once again!

Posted in Uncategorized on April 27, 2013 by Michelle Kwek

oh my:/ i think my fear of exams make me weak each exam period and I succumbed to the flu bug once more:/ pangsai leh, my stamina just improved quite a bit the past month and now.. everything is goneeeeee thanks to this bug. that’s why no one can afford to fall ill, it’s too costly.

anyway, the past week marks the end of M1, the last day of school (wed) which i conveniently ponned once more. heh this year far too slack. if i am lucky enough to become M2, i will definitely kick PON out of my vocab and do well in my exams.. those “guardian angels” of mine have overworked this year, hope they have enough energy to last me through pro:/ hehehehe^^

can’t believe reading week is over already:/ havent done anything substantial and OSPE is on fri.. I have no idea what OSPE stands for hahaha. but wah too mean lah, CA1, CA2, CA3 all singe papers then suddenly pros 4 papers testing us on a year’s worth of info.. i have ZERO ability to retain information and plus some “mods” i have never touched in the entire year cause i just sacrifice those marks during the previous papers teehee:)

ohman feeling quite terrible now i don’t know what im typing anymore.. incoherent as usual.

to sum it off, this week has been unproductive BUT the boy has been sweet:) makes the week all better!!^^


Does it exist?

Posted in Uncategorized on April 21, 2013 by Michelle Kwek
Love? What’s that?
Just 3 years ago, I started appreciating many little things that I could do, things that I had always taken for granted and probably things that many still take for granted. Afterall, it is so human to only appreciate things after we lose them.
Simple actions such as standing, things that normal, healthy people can do I would say effortlessly? Urinating, shitting, walking that people too often take for granted.
3 years ago I started questionining myself, what I had lost the ability to do all these, would I still want to live knowing that I can do such basic and in fact, personal day-to-day “activities”. Having someone to bathe me, and clean up my mess, most of the things I wanna do I would have to depend on someone else, is such a life worth living.
And this brought about the next question, love, does such a thing exist.
I would say no doubt love between family members, the strong ties shared will triumph, most of the time, in such situations. And in times like this, we will appreciate our family much more, knowing that they are always here for us and we can fall back on them, always. But then what about the person who are in a relationship with? In difficult times, life-changing points, can that person be counted on to stay by your side?
Now ask yourself, if the one I’m so in love with right now suddenly becomes paralyzed, would you continue to stay by his/her side even if he/she may never return to the healthy physical self that they once were. As a matter of fact, 99% would say OF COURSE since love transcends all odds blah blah blah.. And people will try putting themselves into such situations and think about it and conclude that yeah, it’s not that bad, ill definitely stay by his/her side.
However, no matter how well you think you can empathize, it is not the same as the experience itself,and truth to be told, the difficulties that you may actually face are things that you would never have imagine no matter how well you have done your research or see the experiences of others in the situation.
Hmmm, meanwhile just treasure yourself, be thankful for every step you are able to take independently, appreciate that no one is in the toilet with you when you do your business and it is more or less a voluntary action.
Do not take things for granted.

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It’s been a year..

And I say…

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