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A post procrastinated far too long

Posted in Uncategorized on July 12, 2013 by Michelle Kwek

DISCLAIMER: this post will even be more incoherent than any post before cause all that im feeling now is emptiness and confusion. cant really describe it somehow.


wow wow wow, the last time i posted something was before pros:/ 2 months just flew by like that.

wanted to do a short post after pros to conclude AY12/13 but guess somehow i forgot all about it:/ come to think of it, everything went by too fast, too fast to recall, to fast to enjoy, too fast to appreciate. immediately after pros was the preparation for OCIP laos which i really loved. yes, yes, people may comment OCIP laos was for fun, OCIP cambodia was the one that did work.. well suit yourself, it was not as though you were there on the trip itself and this comparison would be unfair.

anyway, friendships forged during the trip, impressions of people changed.. all these are so valuable. my time spent with amanda and jiamin, something which i’ll miss greatly now that amanda has left hall and E3 girls are living in separate blocks. E3 was probably the best way I could have ever enjoyed my freshman year in hall:) still remember seeing amanda in RJ PE shirt and wondering to myself where this girl kope from one ah. heh later on realising that we were from the same batch but never really saw her around in school before:/ but nevertheless, thankful that God let our paths cross along the way:) will really miss this girl, all the random times of HTHT, talking about anything and everything under the sun. it just seems so simple and pure be able to talk about what ever that comes to our minds:)

and well back from laos, a period of withdrawal symptoms but had to snap back fast to prepare for KEWOC and finish up medicamp war-games:) and all of a sudden, i am now in jCRC. hahah somehow I look back and I just cant help but laugh. a year ago, i came to hall knowing that i’ll be only staying for a year to experience hall life… half way into the year i realised i have joined multiple sport CCAs, struggling hard to stay awake in lectures and keep up with my school work. and now that look at things, next year will be an even more challenging year with the workload from school that is bound to increase exponentially and the greater commitment in hall:/ how am i going to surviveeeeee.. suddenly scared.

this is what happens when im suddenly given time that i have longed for this entire holiday. suddenly have the time to sit and home and sort my thoughts out, to think of rubbish that never had entry to my head… LOST.

omg and i suddenly dont feel like typing anymore:/