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happy life I have:)

Posted in Uncategorized on November 22, 2013 by Michelle Kwek

WOAHHH, it has been almost a month since  i last posted:O hahahha actually there are many instances when i have a lot to say, especially when i’m bathing but as i sit in front of my com, i become too lazy to blog heh.

sooo.. a little belated but nonetheless, CA1 is over!! hahahah.. screwed this one up quite badly, won’t be surprised if i fail.. still begging my mum to let me stay on in hall even if i fail:/ seems like JC has really done a good job in making me used to the minimally prepared feeling.. i’m now FEARLESS!! muahahaha!! many may think it’s a good thing but i think it’s too much until it’s bad for my studies:/ hahahah the promises i had made about becoming a changed person after my CA are fading away.. what’s new:/ but COMEON time to change. hahahha

post-CA life is fun, asking people around me to study while i enjoy my shows, heeheehee:) but CA2 is coming soon:/ and badminton with yining was dam fun!! hahaha but that stupid boss kept laughing at me -.- and the same week, Jen taught me how to make casserole!! can’t really remember now but I will try that some day!! and that same day was one of the best days so far this sem.. being spastic with boss, watching show for 2 mins in her room then heading off to zumba and suppers and bridge later on:) the feeling was AWESOMEEEEE!! heeheehee:)

and yay, really happy that I am seeing huiming around g5 more often!! hahaah i just love that girl’s presence!! teehee, even if it is just me walking past her room, seeing her study with her back facing the door, the occassional BOO!s and randomly rolling and lying on her bed:) it is so comfortable to be with her and talk whatever rubbish that is in my mind:)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my love!! ahahhahahahah, song dedication for you!! maybe one day I’ll sing it out:)






everything has been good and i have been happy, surrounded by my family and loved ones:) hahahah eating blackball twice this week is really a happy event:) ahahha always feel so contented chewing the sweet potato balls, and the chewy pearls and slurping the grass jelly!! siaoliao i want to eat it now!! ahhhhhh:)

hope you are as happy as me:) if not go get yourself some blackball!!:)