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Posted in Uncategorized on January 14, 2014 by Michelle Kwek


Thanks for making the past year the best year of my life. Always being there for me, supporting me in every big and little way possible. Without you, I could not possibly have taken up the commitments that I have. More often then not, being the stubborn me, I fail to heed your advice (just like yesterday’s handball match:/ could have prevented to injury), yes you will nag out of concern but you never complain when you have to bear the consequences of my stubborness. When I can no longer find strength to carry out my duties, you were always there to give me strength, to keep me going. Although you feel lousy that you cannot directly help me in my studies/ JCRC work etc, the chores you help me with, is far more than what is required and everyday you are just shooting past my expectations:)

To the only boy who would (secretly wish that I get injured so he can..) piggyback me from the handball courts to the roadside onto the van and then from the foyer climb up and down 8 flights of stairs and a long distance to my room, to the boy whom I can let my emotions get the better of me and just breakdown and cry in your arms, to the boy who strives in all ways to make my life an enjoyable one, putting me before yourself, Thank You.