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The moon is round, this will be a good IHG

Posted in Uncategorized on January 11, 2015 by Michelle Kwek

Indeed, “the moon is round, this will be a good IHG” (Captain Sherlyn, 7 Jan 2015)

Best result in my 3 Touch IHGs, 3rd KE, we have done ourselves proud and for once, achieved the goal we set for ourselves.

Just 2 posts ago, it was about Touch IHG 13/14. Something I wrote in tears, tears of regret and disappointment for myself and in myself, but still honoured to have lead such an awesome team. Now writing this, it is with tears of joy and pride of KE Trug. Yes, I do still have regrets having made more mistakes this year than the previous 2 IHGs but I guess I am only human and mistakes are inevitable (except for humans who are not like humans, erhem YI NING). But I am thankful I managed to come back to KE and be part of this team who did years of KE Trug teams proud, and be led by the greatest captain and vice-captain SHERLYN ONG and CASSANDRA NG respectively, without them there will be no KE Trug girls to speak of this IHG. Many will not know what shit I left them in to take over the team, making it more challenging to get coaching budget because of our less than ideal IHG result last year. I don’t know how they did what they did but I believe it was their passion and conviction that made others believe in us. They were the inspiration of our team and the driving force which led the team to such commendable results. It was also because of them that made the BESTEST BUT MOST AWKWARD COACH RAIHAN hard to leave us HEHEHEHEHE. Also mother thankful to the seniors who kept returning to train with us and coach us and always assisting the captains, thank you old man linhui, Mr and Mrs Tim.

I wish I could play more touch IHGs. It was so dam fun!! One line scared me but I guess coach had a reason for it and during KR’s game, I saw the difference compared to the past 2 experiences with KR being our first match (yes, somehow the fixtures never ever change, weird there ah convening). So glad that no one showed fear on the field, we just wanted to defend our best and attack well. WE WANTED THE BALL. We showed others that KE is not a hall to be trifled with and nothing can stop us if we want to achieve something. It was heartwarming to see the fire burning in each and every one of us, the trust that we had in our teammates. Aiyo I really don’t know how to put everything into words, it has to be experienced and remembered in my heart. JUST SUPER PROUD OF THE TEAM, THE FRESHIES AND SENIORS, FOR SHOWING SO MUCH RESILIENCE AND FIGHTING FOR A COMMON DREAM. Especially the freshies (making an assumption) because IHG may not mean as much to you as the seniors, seniors having regrets and whatnot. But nonetheless, the time, sweat and effort that you girls put in was no less than anyone else on the team (maybe except the captains HAHAH). Seniors, thank you for staying on. All of you were mini-coaches to the juniors and are great strength and encouragement to the captains:) Aiyo you know in my heart I am dam thankful to everyone I just don’t know how to express it maybe I am slightly autistic. BUT AIYO LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!

This year’s season was the shortest one but the sweetest one. I will miss the 10 mins run warmups, the passing, dumping, splitting with the JOGGING BACK, the driving, the square passing, Aeroplane, Boy, Chiobu/Crash, Danger, submove, TB, cornering STRAIGHT (Ryan, Dec 2014), jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, confusing 3 line drills, washing boots and splashing water, making the sink ever so dirty. I already miss training knowing that there will be no more training. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY MONDAYS< WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS!! It really has ended I am so sad:(

IHG and trainings are now over but the bonds remain. Thank you so much KE Trug for the best 3 years of my life.

KE TRUG is the best thing that has happened in my life. Thank you thank you thank you for being part of this best thing:)

P.S. Pardon the incoherent language, I have not typed in a long time and my english is so cui to begin with and I am overwhelmed with emotions, unable to express them the way I want:/