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One of the best decisions – Playhouse 2015

Posted in Uncategorized on December 13, 2015 by Michelle Kwek

Is it normal to have such bad withdrawal symptoms cause everytime something ends, this emptiness kicks in and I’m just.. aiyo EMPTY.

It has ended:( but we WON so it ended on a good note:) teehee. Now time to consolidate everything. Wow haven’t blogged in ages took so long to find the option for a new post:/

So I guess it all started in May this year when we had to vote which storyline we wanted i think. and to be honest, I didn’t care heh, never cared anyway. hahah.

But then when playhouse signups were open in July I thought maybe it’s time to make some medicine friends since I barely have any after committing 3 years to KE:) so just anyhow like sets and props?? hahahaha. then I think it was during one of ifg trug training sessions when Grace casually asked if I wanted to try playhouse dance and woah the secret desire to become a “dancer” in me was BURNING. hahahahha so just jio soph and van to try lah and so TADAHHHH we became “dancers” for 3-4 months? hahahah but I guess van was originally a dancer already.

I’ll never forget the first practice in Sept at KE dance studio on a friday. Heh didn’t know what to wear so just anyhow wear like go training like that. entering the dance studio was terrifying, seeing all the KE med dancers and those zai people with dancing background. I just wanted to run away. but hey, must try first at least after being so thick-skinned to sign up for ADVANCE dance HAHA. so we warmed up then suddenly Grace said do abs and memories of Israel abs moments flashed before me. I died before the abs work out started. ahahahahha. after it barely started everyone was whining and groaning. bahahah unforgetful man. and wow arms, that day i was just dying and there was no double-time YET. but already dead. ahahhaha. and then the choreo started. honestly I had no idea what I was doing, I could not even listen out for the beat of the music:(

and so many practices like this went by. Limbo started as well which was a bit more fun at the start and there was Janine and tian to make it more crazy. hahahaha those idiots could not stop laughing at me:(

watching lights practices also made me regret a bit not trying for it but I’m kinda glad I didn’t join it and screw it up heh.

so then cleaning started and woah kept getting called out by Grace cause my dancing is just not evening dancing. hahahahahaha but it was fun and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Playhouse was nearing and practices became more frequent but all the time I was just so thankful I signed up for this and every day, yes, every day of the not-so-pathetic year, I looked forward to the next dance practice, seeing everyone and just soaking in the atmosphere and being called a DANCER. hahaha like “DANCERS gather”. hahahahaha SHIOK:)

okay actually when I was bathing I had a lot of things in my mind I wanted to blog about but now that I am actually typing out, with the Playhouse dance soundtracks playing, I’m just so full of emotions, quite choked up, and my thoughts are just so jumbled up leading to this incoherent post.

to be honest, I felt a bit sad like only being able to dance a small part of best friends. but after screwing up limbo today, I cannot be more thankful that I was not given a chance to screw up more. sighs. but i guess those who were just watching could not really spot the mistake although it was so obvious or maybe they just tried to make me feel better:/

Cannot be prouder of best friends. The chorus was so neat, vast difference from yesterday’s bump in. on stage, dancing to the chorus, it just felt so good and everyone was in sync, I was so so so happy performing it. I don’t even know what to say, just that I am grateful that I could be part of it:)

Lights dance was awesome and I’m glad we managed to pull the cloth off. hahahaha can I say it was our only good run? hahahahah yay CG effort. think I got a bit too protective over the cloth I brought it home accidentally oops.

The only thing I would like to have dance is to take a dancers group shot, and also a best friends group shot with our best friend’s costume. I really loved the look:)

Before I end off this rather disjointed post like some comminuted fracture, I would like to thank a few people.

Grace: Thank you for putting the thought of joining dance in my head. The whole experience was simply magical and I would not give it up for anything and definitely would never have joined if someone else were the dance head. Thank you for putting up with my countless mistakes and being so patient with my inadequacy and lack of rhythm sense. Heh even having to put up with my endless bugging. Thank you for leading dance and choreo-ing such fun dances. Doubt anyone has a clue on what you have been going through the past 5/6 months? So thank you, hope we have made you proud:)

Vanessa: thanks for letting me have company during all the sessions and making me laugh every session. your presence at each practice made me look forward to dance and I am glad that we got to see each other 1-2x a week thanks to playhouse dance. Good job van for all the dances, dam nice lah:)

Sophia: hahaha thanks soph for letting me have something/someone to laugh at:) it was really fun dancing with you although it meant seeing you 6x a week if I went to school all the 5 weekdays:) thanks for helping with make up and all:)

NOOBS: thanks to playhouse dance I got to see you guys so often. Won’t ever get tired of you guys teehee and I always feel so loved:) you guys made limbo practices a hell lot more fun!! great job on the acting!! my parents loved it:)

Bro: Hey bro!! ahhahaha *fist bump* thank you for always waiting for me to end practices and going home with the smelly me. Thank you for watching the countless videos of the same dance. Thank you for enduring my singing of “mmm whatchu sayyyyy-eehhh” and the slapping of my hands. Thank you for being proud of me when I do my embarrassing imitation of the contemp chorus, and for laughing at me when I did it in front of the istana. Thank you for tolerating me when I suddenly stop in my tracks just to do a random eight of the the choreo. and now I have to endure you crossing your arms and slapping the back of your palms like the “mmm-whatchu say’eh” part of best friends. AHHAHAHA. thank you for being so so supportive and encourgaing:)

Yay good job everyone in M4 Playhouse 2015. I had so much fun and hope you guys did too!!

Now what do I look forward to with no more practices:( haiyooooo, suddenly won’t see some people as often anymore. going to cry byebye:(

p.s. waiting for photos to post with this.


FOGNOT: Rgsquashers to Playhouse “Dancers”

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NOOBS: teehee I always feel so loved


Retards who never fail to make me laugh



Best friends: POINT


It’s overrrrrrrr:’)


Teammates to best dance instructor and pathetic student:)


Hope you do not regret not kicking me out:)


Thank you for everything<3


Thanks for coming down KE Trug:)


CG4 with only 5 present at any one time, always


Thanks bro *fist bump*


Receiving flowers and notes after a performance – first and last time:’)


I AM AN ARTISTE!! Sorry but I did not mean to bring this back:/ Will return it tmr!!


Already missing playhouse and everyone so much!! so tired but hearts so full:) but my week so empty:(


yay glad the cloth turned out well after seeing the video:) at least there was something I did not do wrong. heh.