friends make my day, brothers too!:)

HOHOHO!!! today was an OK day. cause it was EXHAUSTING!!! gagag. like we had netball prac first which was erm tiring!!! like i think after one pass i just die!!! hahah. and i think PQQ can shoot awesomely well, IF THERE IS NO SUN AND NO WIN PLUS THE POLE HEIGHT CANNOT BE TOO TALL!!! haha. look at those conditions man. ahha. and then she gave me something quite cheem to say for socratic seminar BUT THEN, today dont have. eeeeeeee.:)

then there was philo option. OMG sooo intense and i tell you sure will have riots some day. better bring my helmet! and and mr ng totally cheated my feelings. he said he will group us up according to our classes and then he split all of us up. like OI!!! you are an english teacher and yet you cant follow what you say?! WAHHH:( i wanna cry. haha. but luckily he is nice during option and this philo class is definitely mroe interesting than lorenzo/larry’s one. haha.:) and got ckoh, rach tan and vith.

then it was lunch and bro suddenly came up to me. eh you need help?! haha. wahhh i heart attack faint and die. haha. yknow maybe i dont express it not because i dont want to but because i dont know how and also maybe there aint a need? aiyo i am weird so very rarely, people can understand me. haha

and then we watched devil wears prada!! haha. very funny and it reminded me of time traveller’s wife cause they were so AGGRESSIVE!! hhaa. and PQQ was acting innocent. haha. but our eyes were closing adn my waterbag was bursting!!!

anyway, i love my friends!!! honestly!!!! i know you people care i am appreciate it. sorry cant like thank you face to face cause you know i suck at expressing myself one. hahah. love you guys loads!!!!

I AM QUITTING FARMVILLE THANKS TO THE POSITIVE INFLUENCE OF PQQ!! and she was ultimate pri sch kid during geog today when mrs mo gave out the lesson whatever. haha. SERIOUSLY… haha.

sorry no motivation to blog. blehs!!:)


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